I was NOT going to do 18 points in the balance tree for 3% lousy haste.  3% is piddling.  18 points is huge!  Not gonna do it…

A week later I broke down and did it.

I don’t know anything about math.  Notice how there’s no math tag on this blog.  All I know is that hot damn, it feels snappy.  I don’t care about the theoretical HPS I can put out compared to my old build.  I only care that I feel completely on top of and in control of my heals.

I then downloaded the woefully non-updated (but still happily working) gcd and I was in business (I like it better than the quartz gcd ticker!).

In case you’re curious, this is my slightly unorthodox build (with glyphs of rapid rejuv, nourish, and swiftmend).  I heal mostly 10’s and get assigned tank healing and raid healing equally.  This build has strong hot talents but sacrifices some utility for more raw power in direct nourish/regrowth healing (I miss living seed and revitalize).

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