I am just about the cheapest and laziest wow player you will ever meet.   Because I have a critter at home, and limited playtime, I have to prioritize.   This means doing the necessary legwork to be raid ready is just about all I can manage.

Flasks?   Yep.   Enchants?   Every damn one, even stupid sons of Hodir shoulders. Gems?   Only a noob doesn’t gem!

Multiple ground mounts?   Nope.   Epic flying?   Finally got that last week.   Achievements?   HAHAHAHAH.   Vanity pets?   You’re kidding me.

Given that, nothing irritates me more than Schmucko guildie saying “what achievement for a snazzy title should I work on next?” or “what proto-awesome-drakeything should I choose?”

My answer: “Find time to enchant your bracers or upgrade your T7 pants, moron.”   Ok, I didn’t actually say that in gchat to anyone.   But I’m thinking it… out loud… in the gaming “office” that I share with my hubby.   Usually he’s drowning out my protests with his “awesome ABBA tanking mix.”

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