I ran HTOC every day for a month and marrowstrike never dropped.   The first day after 3.3, a staff dropped that was roughly as good.   “AHA,” I thought, “take that stupid HTOC.”   The next day marrowstrike dropped in a random pug.   Sigh.   It was still an upgrade over the staff.   So I enchanted the crap outta it… only to have an upgrade (orca hunter something-or-other) drop the very NEXT day out of Heroic Halls of Reflection (hate hate hate that place).

It looks like the needle encrusted scorpion trinket is going to be my next “marrowstrike”.   I’ve seen it twice and lost it twice.   The first time, it was to my own stupidity, not even rolling on it because a rogue guildie was all like “oooh”.   But the rogue was an alt – I totally should have rolled.   The second time I was outrolled by a DK.

I run that stupid instance every day, when I can.   Nope.   No scorpion.   When I see it again, it will be the next expansion.

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