Now that battle rez is on a 10 minute timer, and you can glyph out of using a reagent, every moron feels entitled to a battle rez as soon as he meets his unfortunate demise (most times due to his own stupidity).  Or maybe I’ve just grouped with morons lately.

Take the FOS pug I was in yesterday – the most recent offender, we’ll call him “PhailDK”, because he was pulling 900 dps in purples.  First he goes AFK mid-instance, instructing us to go on without him but not to kill the final boss without him.  Yes, sir!

Then he, of course, bites it by standing in front of Mr. “Face of Bo” (or whatever that dude is called – but he does totally look like the Face of Bo on Dr. Who) when the face is doing the “lazer beams from his face” special.

“Brez!” he orders.

Of course, I ignore this.  I’m busy healing the useful people in the group, who are perfectly capable of pulling their weight and not standing in bad stuff.

“Brez plz,” he whines.

“Just don’t release,” another group member informs him.


Wait… he was telling me to battle rez him, not because he thought he was essential to completing the encounter (haha) but because he was afraid he’d lose out on loot (that he didn’t deserve).

(For those following along at home, no, scorpion did not drop.  Sigh.)

Then, on HHOR (hate) there was the tank that informed me that I should battle rez the DPS who died on wave 7.  Well, yes, Captain Obvious, I do see that so-and-so is dead, and that I do in fact have the tools to fix that particular predicament.  I also should keep the rest of the group alive and even with my celestial focus and insane haste I just don’t have the spare few seconds to battle rez (and then top off the formerly dead companion before he bites it again).

Pop Quiz!

Question 1: Do you get a battle rez?

  • Are you a tank?
  • Are you a healer?
  • Are you really really important DPS without whom we might lose the encounter?
  • Are you a druid who can subsequently battle rez another fallen companion?
  • Did you die to unavoidable damage?
  • Did the raid leader tell me to battle rez you?

If you didn’t answer “yes” to any of the above, have fun staring at the floor tiles until the encounter is over.

Question 2: Who gets to tell the druid when to battle rez?

  1. The raid leader.
  2. The raid leader.
  3. No really, the raid leader.

Whee, I love quizzes.


You don't deserve my Brez — 3 Comments

  1. First and foremost, I know you've only got a few posts up here, but they've all been massively entertaining. ^^

    Having played with a Druid or two, this one in particular was awesome as I understand exactly what you're talking about and agree whole heartedly – though I would add "The Casting Druid" to that last list. ^^

    I have a question though – twice now you've mentioned that you hate HoR (and again, I whole heartedly agree – that instance is the bane of my existence. BANE.), but I'm curious about why? I know why I hate it (as a tank), but I'd be interested to hear a healer's take on it. :)

  2. Even with a competent tank it's just difficult to heal through the waves because rarely is the tank able to pick up every single add immediately and hold enough threat on each target to keep up with the healing aggro. There is a LOT of healing aggro because I'm trying my damndest to keep up the squishies who get caught in a lot of incidental damage. (WTB Fade for my druid.)

    Even abusing the hell out of LOS, somehow the evil hunter starts taking potshots at me, and if I hide from him, I can't heal the tank. That stupid hunter can't be silenced, so I just have to heal through whatever he's doing to me or the DPS until we can deal with him after the priest and mage(s).

    Then there are poisons to be cleansed. Ugh.

    I'm excited as hell that I won't get blammo'd by overlapping flamestrikes since they nerfed it.

    The run away from Arthas isn't too bad. If we don't have the DPS for it, we just croak, and there's nothing my healing can do about that.

  3. Thanks for the answer! I hate it for all the same reasons, flipped on their head. I can't get aggro on everything quickly, generally the DPS don't seem to care and are content to wail on anything in range, and that @#%$ing hunter just won't stay focussed on me.

    Also, I spend the whole fight crammed in a corner so it's all made worse by the fact that I honestly can't see very much of what's going on, since my camera's jammed right up on top of me and I'm practically in first person mode. :(

    Even with a solid guild group I haven't found a way to do that fight cleanly. It's the bane of my existence.