This is exactly how I hear raiding instructions and why I am the worst raid leader on earth.

“Blah blah hits tank hard blah blah raidwide damage blah blah cleanse poison blah blah don’t stand in the green fire blah blah will need extra heals blah blah.”

In the “blahblahs” are instructions that are useful to everyone else that I completely tune out – like when to switch targets, picking up and positioning adds, kill order, boring crap like that.

On the odd night when I’m actually tasked to DPS (and this has happened probably twice) I’m always asking husband “which one do I hit first” and other such noobish questions that I’m thankful I don’t have to say into vent.

Talk about healer tunnelvision!  It’s downright embarrassing having done a fight multiple times and not really “knowing” it at all.

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