I usually get stuck with healing assignments, so here is my opinion on tank healing in a 10 man raid.  The alternative to me doing healing assignments is that nobody does them and it’s a holy hell mess.  But that’s a gripe for another time: Raid leaders who believe healing assignments to be unnecessary.

Suppose you have a 10 man raid with 2 tanks and 3 healers:

  • Disc Priest
  • Holy Priest
  • Druid

The standard thing to do would be to put 1 healer on each tank and 1 on the raid. Let’s say I put the Holy priest on the raid.  We’re left with the disc priest and the druid.

Now, I won’t put 1 healer on each tank.  Instead I’ll put 2 healers on 2 tanks, with each assigned a primary focus.

The Disc priest’s awesomeness comes in the form of bubbles, which of course have the weakened soul debuff.  If Disc priest is assigned to 1 tank, it looks something like this:

  • Prayer of mending (15 sec CD)
  • Bubble (15 sec debuff)
  • Gheal during borrowed time (roxxor!)
  • Penance (8 sec CD)
  • Uh uh Fheal ohcrapohcrap swear swear swear
  • Penance again
  • Repeat

Ok, it’s not always like that.  But unless you stick another bubble on another target, you have a 15 second “valley” in your abilities where you don’t have buckets of awesome to throw on the tank.

Similarly the druid on 1 tank looks something like this:

  • Rejuv (yay big awesome hot)
  • Regrowth (yay long hot)
  • Swiftmend eep!
  • Uh lifebloom stacks (expensive)
  • Nourish nourish nourish
  • Lifebloom drops when the tank doesn’t need it (fail)
  • WG if there are a lot of melee hanging about the tank
  • Repeat when Rejuv falls off

Well, again, some of the best stuff can only be applied once to a target, just like bubbles… wasted.

So I would tell the Druid to “main heal Tank A and hot Tank B” and the disc priest to “main heal Tank B and bubble Tank A”.  What you get out of this arrangement is:

  • Bubbles on both tanks
    • proccing 2 sessions of borrowed time hastyness instead of 1
    • Any other “proc on bubble” bonuses (t8 4pc bonus)
    • Weakened soul on both targets, increasing healing to other tank if priest needs to throw a direct heal.
    • No chance of renewed hope dropping off the party.
  • Rejuv and possibly regrowth on both tanks
    • smoothing out damage spikes
    • revitalize possible (if talents taken)
    • Proccing effects off druid idols
    • Maximize t9 4pc bonuses to Rejuv
    • Swiftmendable hot on both tanks in case there’s an oopsie

If your healers are pretty good at changing targets and have good situational awareness, assigning tank healers this way can benefit the entire raid.

Example 1: Pally, Druid, Disc priest.  Assign Pally to heal Tank A and bacon Tank B.  Assign Disc Priest to heal Tank B and bubble Tank A.  Druid raid heals.

Example 2: Pally, Holy Priest, Shaman.  Assuming a decent number of melee.  Pally heals Tank A, Bacon tank B.  Shaman heals Tank B chain healing through Tank B to top off Tank A and Melee.  Holy priest heals raid and POM both tanks.

How do you do your healing assignments?  Do you assign 1 healer to each tank or employ a different strategy?


Healing assignments: Cross-healing tanks in a 10 man — 3 Comments

  1. This is actually the EXACT strategy I use when doing healing assignments in ICC10. We have a druid, a disc priest (me), and a resto shammy that can go back and forth between dps and healing as we figure out just how much healing we need for each fight.

    I just tell the shammy to heal the raid. The Druid happens to sit right next to me, and we split the tanks, and off heal each others' tanks.

    Depending on how the damage is going around, I'll tell Druid man to focus on the raid as a whole, but keeps the tanks HoTted while I keep them bubbled, and focus most of my heals on the MT.

  2. My guild rarely uses healing assignments (ten-man). We only pull them out when it's absolutely necessary to be pouring heals non-stop into multiple targets and we're having trouble splitting it up between us. Most of the time we have 2 healers of some mix of druid, shaman, or holy priest; disc priest and holy pally sees use occasionally (offspec of a shadow priest and prot pally). We just work together and prioritize tanks over the rest, letting hots and direct heals mix across the tanks where needed, and we bite dps' heads off if they stand in fire :) (my guild note is "rabid tree, rawr!") Seeing incoming heals with estimated amounts on my raid frames helps with working with my cohealers, and bubbles/hots reach both tanks and the raid as a whole.

    We pull out a third healer if the fight is exceptionally difficult and/or spread-out, or if there are mechanics which put one healer out of the fight for a bit and the other can't solo-heal it over that time.

    Some examples of when we do use healing assignments include Anub and Rotface. Who heals whom has depended on what sorts of buffs (shields) each tank may need, or mobility requirements (druid). Penetrating cold was just a "I'll take first one, you take second one" situation, which has worked out well :) Even then, we cross heal when we can, dropping shields/hots to both tanks.

  3. We tend to always have a Druid, Shaman, Palladin combination on our 10 mans.

    For trash the pally takes both tanks with beacon whilst the Druid heals group 1 and tank in group 1. Shaman heals group 2 and the tank in group 2.

    Boss assignments depends usually on the boss. But usually pally takes tanks Druid takes everyone Inc tanks shaman takes the raid.