I’ve been mostly out of game for a week now.  My momma is in town to see the Twig (and me too… I guess).  She’s hogging the computer room for sleeping.

Not that it matters where she’s physically staying in the house – it’s extremely rude to say “Sorry mom, I know you flew 1500 miles, but it’s raid night, so I’m gonna put on my nerdy headset and ignore you.”

I’ve snuck on a few times when she has taken the Twig to the park, but other than that, I’m completely disconnected… and only a few guildies really use the website.  *twitch*

It’s not addiction, or the need to get my phat lewts, or even missing the raids – it’s this weird feeling of being needed online and not being able to be there.  It’s a feeling of helplessness of being unable to do anything meaningful from the website angle.  I have obligations in a game, which I could never explain to a non-gamer.

We’ve had an explosion of recruitment, which is awesome for the guild, and more than ever I feel like I need to be online making sure the new recruits feel included in guild activities.  Usually when I’m about to run an instance, I make sure to include a new recruit, so that they get to know other guildies in the group.  I just have to hope that the veteran guild members are making the effort in my absence.

One raid leader just quit the game.  Another had a totally understandable household emergency and couldn’t be there for the raid – and there was no safety net without Hubby and me online.  Guys, have emergencies next week, thx.

In the meantime, I just have to quit worrying about what catastrophes are happening in Azeroth and focus on spending time with my family.  As a sidenote, my mother being referred to as “Granny” makes me feel extremely old.


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  1. I know that feeling of being needed online and not being able to be there all too well. It's not something I would even bother try to explain to a non-gamer either.