I’m mostly without computer for the weekend (still family in town), so no blogging.  By the magics of the intarweb, I’ve managed to schedule some of my yapping and yammering to appear on this site later in the weekend for your amusement.  Rejoice!

Comments are still moderated.  I’m sort of afraid of some jerkface posting porn links in my absence.  I’ll approve non-genitalia-related comments on Monday (or sooner if I can).

I also posted some more linkies to the blogroll above (points).  The list never ends!  So much to read!

(I would post a link to my blogroll here, but then WordPress informs me “someone has linked to your page” and I feel so special, and it turns out to be me linking to my own lame stuff.  Then I’m sad.)


Radio Silence — 2 Comments

  1. Actually it's going to let you comment regardless because I've approved a comment of yours in the past… in theory this will save me time when people actually read this. Still figuring out this "blogging" thing.

    So uh… don't post porn :)