I think this was the basic structure of every episode in the first 2 seasons of Stargate: SG1.

  • Dude touches alien thing that he shouldn’t (Don’t sleep with the hot alien, that counts)
  • Bad stuff happens (I told you she had Space Herpes).
  • Rest of episode spent undoing what schmuck did.
  • Entire episode could have been avoided by NOT TOUCHING THE THING IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Surely, we’ve seen this Sci-Fi motif in various shows throughout the years.  We’re all nerds.  We watch all the same stuff.  And you’re yelling at the screen “you freakin idiot, do NOT touch that goo, no good can come of it.  Just walk away.”

Then why is it that you have to remind people every freakin time “Don’t talk to Jaina until we’re ready” or “Don’t talk to bar patrons in BRD” or “Don’t push the button!”  Maybe it’s part of the GO GO GO culture that they need to press everything.  I suspect it’s the “grown up” version of pressing every damn button on the elevator.

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