Have you ever wished you didn’t have to push-to-talk – but don’t want to go open-mic? I had a hell of a time trying to PTT and still be able to continue throwing heals, getting out of the fire, and other such things.  No matter where I bound my hotkey, I always had to “pause” in some way to talk on Vent.

Then I found the foot pedal of awesome! Stealth Switch 2

The basic premise is that you bind it to a keyboard key, any key, and it fires that key off when you hit the foot switch. You can still use the keyboard key for the same purpose.

I ordered it on a Wednesday and it arrived in my mailbox Friday afternoon. So far, I love it. I bound it pretty easily to my F12 key (after unbinding F12 from “open bags”), and have been using that as PTT on vent.

It was easy to program, though it has some issues with Vista. However, after some swearing, I went to the website and they had simple instructions for getting it to play nice with Vista.

I love having both hands free to play and not having to worry about PTT slowing down my healing or dps. You don’t have to hit the pedal hard. I play barefoot and i have the edge of this resting under my big toe, and I shift my foot a little to click it on. You can get quite the leg cramp if you try to hover your foot over it for an entire raid!

A word of warning: This is NOT the same as stealth switch (original). The original is designed to close windows and stuff to prevent your boss from seeing you goofing off at work. I don’t think it’s meant to work with Vent. Even though it is cheaper, it probably will not be good for your purposes.

(Oh yeah, I’m not affiliated with Stealth Switch 2 and I’m not getting kickbacks or anything.  Just a product that I tried, used, and luuuv.)

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