So… last week in the midst of doing way too much reading about Wow and way too little PLAYING WoW… I decided to make a blog.


Because I’m a WoW research nerd and my current outlets for out-of-game nerdiness are lacking…

Audience: Guildies

I am the repository of information for my guildies.  I usually at least skim my blogroll daily (I have a feed thingy set up, all the blogs in categories, very professional.)  I look for tidbits that would interest guildies – first just for healing, but now for just about everything.  Rogue nerf?  I post about it.  New guide posted?  I add the link to the appropriate “sticky” on our forum.  All neatly catalogued so that guildies can easily find everything about their chosen professions. (Less so, about boss encounters, I’m workin on it.)

We got a new website in October.  I have 838 posts, 25% of total posts on the website.  It says I average .06 posts a day, but that’s just because it also says I registered December 31, 1969.  I kinda feel like I’m talking to myself.

After doing all this out-of-game work to help people get better, I login and well… get questions about stuff already on the website, painstakingly organized, and checked as much as possible for currentness.  I point people to the website, and that helps somewhat, but it seems that they just don’t want to read it.  Sigh.

Audience IRL

(This my actual dishwasher, though it now reads “Pirates > Ninjas”.)

Besides husband, I have only a few friends who play WoW.   We used to be in the same guild, but a few others wandered away for the horde side, and others are in a guild we left (awkward).  We don’t really talk much about WoW stuff out of game, except to each other.

Of course, bringing raid strat printouts to a restaurant because we forgot to study up for that night’s raid, we wanted to eat, and we had limited time before Twig had to go to bed… height of romance.  Really.

Twig is not quite ready to discuss the finer points of gaming.

Me: Mommy is a little tired of healing this dumb aggro monkey.

Twig: Monkey “oot oot oot”

Me: That’s right, monkey says “oot oot oot”.  Pug people are idiots.

Twig: Chocolate milk?

Me: Omg, did he seriously just pull that entire group?

Twig: Hee hee I fall down.


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