Last night I ran 5-mans with a baby shaman healer in our guild who is learning how to heal (I was playing the kitteh).  He knows his spells and when to use them, and did not need much assistance on that.  However, there are some powerful lessons an experienced healer can give a noobie healer, even a healer of a different class.

1.  The Bossy Healer: Asserting the Expectations of DPS and Tank.

The poor shammie was healing between battles and running oom.  Oh. Hell. No.  I told the group in my most obnoxious tone that they had mage food, and they needed to sit down and use it.  Yes, as a healer, you can’t be shy to enforce the “rules”, and I let the little shammie know that he should do the same.  He then started calling out the aggromonkey mage (*cough* husband *cough*) who was having threat issues.  *Sniff* so proud.

2. Healer as Group Manager: Support abilities and cooldowns.

It is the healer’s prerogative to manage support abilities and cooldowns, and call for help.  For example: to ask the DPS toons to decurse, to call for an innervate, tranquility, or brez. I told him the dirty secret: that non-healing druids still have the insanely overpowered tranquility at their disposal, and he as the healer had the right to request it (except if the druid is tanking).  Ditto for shadow priests and divine hymn.

3. The Nagging Details: Mod setup.

Grid is daunting to set up… and though guides exist, they are not easily accessible while you’re in game and alt tabbing out for instructions.  If you walk your baby healer through an addon question by giving instructions on vent while the baby healer follows along through the menus, the baby healer will save a lot of time and frustration.  It doesn’t cost you more than a few minutes.

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