At the suggestion of tank like a girl and pwnwear, I tried Tidy Plates and it is indeed awesome.

  • It was easy for me to change targets and see pertinent information about my targets.
  • Raid icons easy to see
  • It seemed more responsive than Aloft (cast bar seemed less choppy)
  • it was ready right “out of the box.”
  • The casting bar is very conspicuous. As an added bonus, there’s a big icon that flashes next to it when the mob is casting something nasty.   It is very useful and eye-catching.
  • Threat monitoring:
    • I did not find it particularly helpful for monitoring my threat as a melee dps. The mobs were too tall and I was often staring at mob ass and could not see the plate over the mob’s head.   I’d often get the snot pounded out of me by a mob unexpectedly and have trouble figuring out which mob it was – let alone be able to figure out which mob was about to turn on me and leave a footprint on my head.   (However, I was being a swipe-tard… so I deserved whatever I got.)
    • As a healer, I did find the threat marker slightly more helpful because I could see the bars at all times since I was at range.   However, it would flip from green (you’re ok on threat) to red (omg the mob is pounding my face off!) instantly.   The only warning I really got that I was gaining threat is a color change at the exact same moment the mob turned menacingly in my direction and began to gnaw on the bark of this poor tree.

Overall, I like it, though I wouldn’t uninstall Omen or anything.

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