As a casual guild, we make it clear that RL>WoW. If you have a test to take, if it’s your kid’s birthday, we don’t want to see you online.  If your spouse projectile vomits mid-raid, we’ll find a sub.

But some people take this to the extreme, blowing off guild events at the last minute with a flimsy nod to “RL”, not realizing that the other raiders put their lives on hold during that scheduled period so we can raid.

If your kid gets sick during raid time, that’s one thing.  But if your kid has been sick all day, just tell a raid leader that morning so he can get a sub. If the wife is demanding that you spend more time with her on Thursday night, don’t be surprised if she gives you an ultimatum Friday night right around raid time.  Don’t just blindside the raid with your “sorry guys, wife aggro” when you totally saw it coming a mile away.

Geesh, people, it’s not that hard.  If you think you can’t make it due to “RL”, then cancel. RL will trump, but waiting until the last minute to announce that trump is just being a discourteous jerk.

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