(I started writing this first thing Wednesday morning, but it would be lame to just speculate on why we sucked without a log, so I figured I’d wait to finish up until the log was posted.)

The Phailraid

I was so psyched to return to raiding after 3 weeks off, but our ICC-10 run did not go well last night.  We wiped on Marrowgar for 2 hours before calling it.

3 weeks ago, before I had to take time off for family visits, I participated in our first Marrowgar kill. Woot!  Shortly thereafter, the guild killed Lady Stinker and went on to complete the first wing.  YAY!  Another notable accomplishment during that time was killing Marrowgar without a pally healer (with 2 tanks taking roughly equal damage, bacon of light is incredibly useful.  Yes it is called “bacon” nom nom nom).

Last night we had no pally healer and one of our healers was an alt due to some unforeseen RL events for our scheduled healer.  I wish I could blame the DPS, but really, it seemed like the tanks were taking damage faster than the healers could keep up, so it was healer fail.  I wish I could say that I was the shining example of awesome, and that the other two healers were fail, but that wasn’t the case.  We were all “off”, and me shaking off the rust didn’t help.

The other group downed the entire wing. I wish I could say that they were the “A group” and we were the “B group,” but that isn’t the case.  I have no freakin clue why they succeeded where we failed.  They’re just dirty cheaters, obviously.

After the epic fail raid, I tried to cheer myself up by trying to get that scorpion trinket again. It didn’t drop, of course, and right about then, the achievement spam came across my screen as the other ICC-10 group finished the wing.  A fitting end to a craptastic evening.

Post-Log Analysis

Haha… FOOLED YOU.  I held off posting this until the raid leader had posted the log.  Except his computer ate the log!  I wish that I had run a log myself.

The mystery of the fail continues.  The only “clues” we have are as follows:

  • Gear scores of tanks and DPS were the same for both groups.
  • Gear scores of the other 2 healers in our group were lower than the gear scores of the healers in the successful group by a scientifically significant margin (but not a huge amount)
  • Gear scores suck.  Seriously.
  • Raid leader claims that he saw “people running around not doing what they were supposed to be doing” and does not think it was completely healer fail.
  • Husband has a dim recollection that I rocked the recount meters, for whatever that’s worth (not a lot since recount doesn’t count bubbles and we were running with a disc priest.)

Hrm, Watson, what do you think?  I think we wiped for 2 hours and without a log can’t really learn from our mistakes.


Disappointment like broccoli ice cream (my not-so-triumphant return to raiding) — 3 Comments

  1. 1. Bone spikes were killed promptly by the DPS (yay them!).

    2. Tanks were taking a LOT of damage, but without a log, I'm not sure what it was from (I am not usually assigned to tank healing so I'm not sure what normal tank damage is "supposed" to look like on that fight.)

    3. People did get hit by the lash when we regrouped after being scattered by bladestorm.

    There are only so many times that you can blame "bad luck" for a wipe before you start to think that maybe the fail is elsewhere. It almost always fell apart when we were regrouping after bladestorm. Ugh.

  2. You didn't notice anything else during the raid?

    Maybe the dps and other healers were taking more damage than they should (either from Bone Spikes being killed too slow or standing in fire)? Were the tanks not dodging fire fast enough?

  3. I can think of a couple of possibilities for a tank (or tanks) taking damage faster than the healers can cast. At least, on Marrowgar.

    1) Placement.

    a) If the tanks aren't basically on top of each other, it's very, very easy for a single tank to take the entire saber lash effect. Result? Dead tank, followed shortly by another dead tank.

    b) Standing in blue fire is bad. (Incidentally, that's all frost damage, in case people think it's fire damage like I did when I first set foot in there.)

    2) Healer composition. Without a holy paladin on the tanks on that fight, I can only imagine healing it would suck. Did you have a disc priest if not a holy paladin? Their mitigation and their shields would have been very useful in keeping at least one of the tanks up, while helping to keep the other topped off and shielded.

    3) Cooldowns. Did anyone pop Guardian Spirit, Pain Suppression or Hand of Sacrifice (in the case of a ret pally)? Did the tanks hit Shield Wall, Last Stand, Survival Instincts, Divine Protection, Icebound Fortitude or any other CDs I might be missing? I maintain that it's not a total healer fail if the tanks don't do what they can to keep themselves alive.

    Given your comment above, I have to think it's something like the tanks not stacking up quick enough after the Bonestorm, combined with healers getting into position to get back to casting. It always takes me a second or two to run into range, then another second or two for a heal to hit, so I'm careful to be ready with Lay on Hands as I run in.

    My two cents! :)