After my craptastic raiding experience on Tuesday, you’ll be pleased to know that I got my mojo back (at least a little) on Wednesday night.


I was psyched to be going to TOC-10 to “practice” healing a raid again.   We also had a lot of new people in the raid, so it was a good way to get to know some new recruits and introduce them to raiding with the guild.

The evening did not start off to an auspicious start.   For the first time ever (EVER!) I got rammed by Icehowl and died.   Not cool.

Other than that, the run went smoothly.   Having some new DPS, we got really close to the enrage timer on Anub… like we were literally counting down 3… 2…. 1,   and then he keeled over and the crowd goes wild over vent!!! We’re yelling and screaming, and 2 healers (myself included) promptly drop dead from a debuff we forgot to heal through.   Oopsie.

Phat Lewts

This week we instituted EPGP instead of free rolls.   So far so good.   It really changes not very much in 10’s where people get stuff by default anyway.

I had higher EPGP than the rogue but I deferred to him on both the kitteh necklace and trinket that dropped. (We don’t have a strict main/off spec rule specifically because some people do fulfil both roles well and are needed to swap in instances.)   After all, eventually I will get the scorpion thingy… riiiiight?

Tidy Plates

Tidy Plates may not give you much warning when you’re about to get aggro, but it’s quite useful to see which scarab is after you when they’re all milling about.   My estimation of this mod just went up a LOT.

Combat Log

After feeling all mopey yesterday about my healing fails in ICC-10, I was pleased that my healing kept pace with the pally who was the top healer in the successful ICC-10 run.   Granted healing TOC-10 is obviously easier, but maybe I’m not that rusty if I’m keeping pace with one of our best healers.

Scorpion Trinket

Then we went to HFOS to try to get the trinket again.   I hand picked all sissy caster DPS who would not want the trinky, and the husband tanked.   I was telling the group that I had passed on 2 pieces of awesome kitteh loot so I have trinket karma.

And. It. Dropped.

For Realsies.

I’m squealing over vent and I see husband also roll “Need.” The guildies on vent erupt with “Dude, you’re sleeping on the couch tonight!”   Husband is snickering in his chair.

Then husband won the scorpion! “HAND IT OVER HAND IT OVER,” I start yelling at him.   He’s laughing so hard and the guildies are like “Haha you are in TROUBLE.”   He traded it to me, at which point I announced: “F*** YEAH!” in guild chat and linked the trinket.

Later that night…

As we’re getting in bed:

Husband: Am I really sleeping on the couch?

Me: Nah.

Husband: You know, someone had to roll need on that.

Me: Yeah.

Husband: You’re going to blog about this, aren’t you.

Me: Totally.


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  1. Blokes LIKE sleeping on the couch – it's like camping for them. With TV controls :)

    Withdraw favours – that works better 😛

    Gratz on the scorpion :)