I actually got to dps last night on a random heroics run.   We got HCOS.

First, that dude who stops time.

(Not bad for my off-spec).

We’re about to get to the optional boss with 6 mins to spare, and the shaman (who is the only one who doesn’t have the drake) says “omg HURRY UP I want my drake!”

Husband responds: “I’m going to wand him so you don’t get it!”

He wasn’t kidding!

(Zomg 5600 DPS? I rule.   Sort of.)

Then I kinda sucked on Mal’Ganis.   I guess husband had to redeem himself.

Hey, I didn’t see him hitting 5600 DPS.   Nyah.

But… overall I winz!

When he reads this, I’m totally getting booted to the couch.

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