Along the lines of the “Wow Spouse” (a term referenced by The Tree Unleashed as coming from Keredria’s blog – alas I cannot find the original post there!)  there are also “WoW crushes” or more specifically “healer crushes”.

1. The Awesome Tank

He can tank just about anything without problem.  Something is coming toward you… you think “help me!” and before you can even hit your Push To Talk, the mob is drawn right back toward the tank by some magical tank ability.  Nothing is hitting the healer on his watch.  When he offers to tank your 5 man, you sigh with relief.

The awesome tank also has a crush on you!  He will send you tells asking you to heal his 5mans as soon as you log in, and will confide in you that he doesn’t “trust” the other healers to do it right.

2.  The DPS Bodyguard

This DPS will actually pay attention to whether a mob is biting your face off and throw himself in the mob’s way, even if it means certain death for the DPS.  He recognizes, properly, that you’re more important than he is and acts accordingly.

Husband is this sort of DPS – whenever a mob is gnawing on the tree, I look for frost nova to appear as he locks the mob in place so I can move out of biting range.

3.  The Backup

This person is playing DPS, but he obviously knows a thing or two about healing, and does his best to help out. He’s the elemental shaman who immediately starts throwing heals when you’re impaled by the mob’s ability-of-incapacitation.  He’s the shadow priest who casts mass dispel, or the feral druid who pops out of cat form and throws you an innervate.

These backups understand that they can help a healer while still DPSing, and seamlessly can multitask to make your job easier.


Healer Crushes — 3 Comments

  1. Oh I know EXACTLY what you mean! I love those guys!

    Also the ret pally who casts hand of protection on those aggro pulling clothies so I don't have to.

  2. Yes!

    These are all Crushables(TM). I had The Awesome Tank and seeing #2 was awesome. I don't think that I ever had a #3 though… if I did, they were so stealthy I never knew!

  3. DPS bodyguards are awesome. ~_^

    My favourite is The Backup, though, by far. Those are the people you want to chain-run with. They're good for the long term.