As you may know, I am in a casual raiding guild.  One of our principles is that everyone gets to participate, provided that they make the effort to get geared and ready. However, it’s a constant battle to make sure that happens, and different raid leaders have different ideas of how that should happen.

The following are my principles for successful, fair, and casual-friendly raid groups.

1. Static groups are not ideal for casual raiders

Some argue that static groups are good because people learn to work well together week after week as they progress together, making the group work as a fluid team. However, I don’t think that works particularly well for casual raiders.


In a casual guild there is NO way that you’re going to get 10 people week in week out who are able to commit to 2 raiding groups a week.  Just not possible.  We have people who can only go Tuesdays, some people who can only raid 1 day a week period… and we get them in.  With a static group we wouldn’t be able to include people with demanding schedules.

Creates a clique

If you run with the same people every week, you don’t get to know all the other guildies as well.  If you do end up raiding with a different bunch on a given week, you’ll be completely thrown off.

2. Skill/gear levels should be mixed

Some may argue that mixing the “haves” and “have nots” may make the “haves” feel like they are carrying the “have nots” – and that carrying a player will not assist him or her in learning his or her class.  I disagree!

Only one group may succeed

If you stack group 1 to be awesome, and group 2 to be anyone left over, you’re virtually assuring that group 2 is going to fail.  It’s better, in my opinion, to have both groups clear 2 bosses each than to have 1 group clear 4 and 1 group clear zero.

Social stratification

It will be perceived that there’s a “good group” and a “bad group” if every week 1 group is stacked with the best geared players and group 2 is filled with the lesser geared players.  It may cause hard feelings in the guild, and feelings of being inferior to other guildies.

A widening gear gap

And the more weeks the groups are divided based on skill or gear, the more Group 1 will advance, get more geared, and be even more superior to Group 2.  It will exacerbate the already existing gear gap.

Dear readers, how do you roster your raid groups?  Do you disagree with my principles?


How do you Roster your Raid Groups? — 1 Comment

  1. We tried the 2×10 split and it worked ok. Then the new content dropped.

    It had a negative impact on our progression because our strongest raiders are split between two groups of slower learning less dedicated players.

    One team had to cancel a raid because our offtank was a no-show and no one wants to OT the new wing and get saved with a risk of downing no new bosses.

    The other team had to cancel a raid because some healers were no shows.

    I've now turned to my players and asked: Do we want to keep struggling this way, or when the last wing opens do we want to get our strongest players together, go in, master the content, then split again and teach it to everyone else?

    I think playing to win may be a better idea. The players who are slower could take the initiative to put together their own group during this time and at least kill the first wing for loots.