Oh come on, you know you have one.  The unguilded “just for fun” alt that you use to get away from your “responsibilities”.  Spill!

I couldn’t last for more than a day without gchat, it was too quiet, so I guilded my baby Huntard.  Maybe some of you out there have more discipline than I do.


The super-secret alt — 7 Comments

  1. lol I always say I’m an not guilding this one and I’m not telling the guild about it. Just so I can be in peace as I mess around. That last about a week and then I am seeking out an officer to send me an invite …. /sigh

  2. My bank toon was a secret alt. I didn't even tell my sweetie her name. I didn't break down and join her into the guild though. I just made her her own guild so I could have my own guild bank. Since I have done that I haven't played her and other than AH or mail duties she is left alone.

    From time to time I will make an alt on a completely random server and play there. It is usually a horde toon (my mains are alliance) and on a pvp or rp server, which my guildies wouldn't normally play on. As a result I have about 10 servers that have at least one character on them.

    I <3 my "secret" alts.

  3. I have not one but two unguilded alts on my main's server. So far I've kept them totally cut off from everyone, though my shammy told one of my main's friends so they could talk a little together (she's not in guild though).

    It helps that the shammy has an RP restriction where he has to rhyme whenever he talks and sometimes I don't like to deal with that aspect of his personality and that's ever so much easier when nobody knows he exists :-).

  4. Well, my newbie pally was not in my guild until she hit 70. It was nice questing without having people ask me to heal things on one of my 80's.

    Other than that, I'm cheating on my alliance toons with a few lowbie horde alts me and my boyfriend created during some particularly stressful times on our old server. I'd never faction switch, but man do blood elves satisfy my vain side.

  5. I have a ton of secret alts. I'm always mucking about with different classes, maybe a twink here or there.

  6. I have two overflow guildbanks. Sometimes I play the bank mules that manage them. Most of my alts that matter are in my guild though. That's 10+ of them (go go two accounts).

    My get away toon is my hunter, but even raiding on my hunter I still wind up raid leading.

  7. I have a hunter, because I like to catch all da pokemons. I have the ghost saber. I just tell people she is my bank alt. No one asks questions.

    If I ever do get her to raiding she is staying BM, nope I don't care about a few hundred more dps. I will bring my purple kitty or ghost bear and you will suck it up. :p

    I also have some Horde alts for when I really wanna go off radar.