The other day, I waxed philosophical about the open-ended question of whether we should care about what the reasons were for a player doing something that negatively impacted the group (a little or a lot).  Last night I saw the hypothetical become a reality and the result was inspiring.

Last night, during TOC-25, one of our mages suddenly went offline.  His wife said over vent at the end of the encounter (we wiped) “sorry Mage died, he needed to take our eldest daughter to the hospital.  I’m going to need to go as soon as you can replace me.”

And there was a chorus over vent and in raid chat of “GO NOW.  Seriously.  Don’t wait for us to get a sub.  JUST GO.  Why are you still here?”

To do otherwise… I can’t even imagine being in a guild that would do otherwise.  There was this overwhelming feeling of  camaraderie, that everyone spoke out in unison, that some things are so much more important than phat lewts.


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  1. Had a simillar one Last night with our top DPS's wife being ill, and him having to disappear mid fight on the Blood Queen just after he got bitten, mind control, wipe. We started with a "WTF happened" till someone checked the chat logs and say a 1 line warning had come in before he went. After that no-one cared about the wipe, just about the wife.

    I guess any Guild I'd want to be in would not only agree but tell you to go. We joke about "this myth called Real Life" but we all know it comes first.

    Been reading a few of your posts aver lunch and agree with it all, children in guilds, tone of conversation in /g. Nice to see other grown ups playing WoW.

    Of the "Elderbrethren", Aszune (EU)