OH EM GEE!  How did I live without this before?  Especially as a guild officer, I’m often juggling messages to multiple people.  This mod creates Instant Messenger style text boxes to keep your conversations organized.

No more mistells!  Let me repeat that – NO MORE MISTELLS!

You don’t lose your conversations!  When you’re done with a convo, you can just minimize it, but you can just reopen it later and pick up where you left off.  No scrolling back up through your other chat channels.  Keeps the conversation together and organized.

No more missing a tell while you’re afk! You come back to a nice tidy window and don’t have to worry that it scrolled off screen due to spam.


Addon: WoW Instant Messenger — 2 Comments

  1. Another blogger was telling me to get this … and by "telling" I kind of mean beating my vigorously about the head on the subject. Thanks for the reminder, I really need to do something about my chat window and no more mistells sounds like heaven in a paper cup.

  2. WIM has saved me so much headache. Though you can still screw up with mistells if you just hit reply, it will pop over to the box with the person who last whispered you. But overall I still love it.