Some people drive me up the wall.  Of course, I can’t tell them that.  I have to be diplomatic.  Blah blah.  So here are a few tips for staying on your GM’s and officers’ good side.

Follow the Guild Rules

This seems like a no-brainer, but believe it or not, there are those who think they’re special flowers to whom the rules do not apply.

I don’t care if you have two MILLION DPS wearing only a loincloth – you still have to flask, gem, and enchant (like everyone else) or you’re not raiding.

Read the forums

You don’t have to go there more than once every few days, but you do have to go there to read up on what is going on with the guild.

If you freak out over a guild change when it’s implemented, but it’s been up for comment on the forums for over a month, I don’t wanna hear it.  You had your chance to complain.  You snooze, you lose.

Don’t Cry Wolf

Not everything is a freak out moment.  Really.  If you are constantly complaining about every little thing, then when you finally have a serious issue, I won’t know the difference.

(Bonus points: see Bossy Pally’s article on complaining effectively.)

Don’t Hijack Vent in Raids

The raid leader is the leader of the raid (duh).  If you are not the raid leader, do not:

  • call for heroism
  • call for a battle rez
  • call a wipe

In fact, do not speak, except to say you are incapacitated.

Respect Other People’s Time

Your time is no more valuable than anyone else’s.  If it’s a 5 minute bio break, do not be the last one back every time.  Just because someone isn’t ready at the ready check doesn’t mean you get to alt tab out to update your blog, thereby delaying everything even more.

And, for the love of Pete, do NOT be in an instance at raid time and say “Sorry guys, I thought we’d be done by now, we wiped on the last boss, give me 5 minutes.”  No.  Fail.

What guildie stunts drive you crazy?


How to make your guild officers less cranky — 2 Comments

  1. I hate when people run an instance right before raid time then ask the raid to wait while they finish.

    Not as much of an issue in my current guild as Beruthiel will beat you over the head with a stick or leave you out of the raid altogether. But it has been a major issue in some other guilds I've seen.

  2. As a GM/RL it drives me up the wall when people don't keep me informed… I mean yes, I'm running the raid, but I still have to play my character, and maybe I don't notice you're dead until 10 seconds later… a very quick ' is down' means I dont have to always keep an eye on raid frames and can quickly decide if we can 9 man the boss, if we should use a bres or if we should just wipe it up.