Inspired by Keeva’s and Virile’s grid setups using gridindicatorsideicons.  I won’t reinvent the wheel by repeating their instructions on “how to” – but I have a new fun tip.

Sometimes you put raid icons on your own raid members instead of the mobs (DBM does this too) and you want to know who is the “green triangle” in grid.  This is particularly a problem in pugs where the pug leader marks the main tanks with raid icons but fails to mark them as MT’s in the raid interface.  This makes me cranky.

So, I downloaded Gridindicatorraidicons to put raid icons in my grid frames.  Now, remember folks, Grid won’t just put a nice little icon in your frame unless you have a plugin that will show an actual icon rather than a colored square.  You will ALSO need to download Gridindicatorsideicons or gridindicatorcornericons depending where you want your raid icon to show up in your grid-box.

I have mine set up with gridindicatorsideicons on the “top side” of my raid frame.   In this photo the main tanks are marked, and I am using grid’s 25 + tanks setup.

The Main tanks are Triangle and Orange, respectively.  The orange is faded out because he’s out of range.


Putting Raid Icons into Grid — 3 Comments

  1. I added raid symbols to my Grid setup after I wrote the original article.

    It is extremely useful on heroic Anub 25 to find you penetrating cold targets in a timely manner.

  2. Virile – With regards to Penetrating Cold targets, what I find works best for me isn't the raid target icons that boss mods use, but rather:

    Status -> Auras -> Debuffs -> Add New Debuff -> Penetrating Cold


    Frame -> Center Icon -> Penetrating Cold

    Here's a more detailed guide I wrote for a previous guild of mine (who knew me best as Madrana) to setting up Center Icons for raid debuffs, using Kologarn's Stone Grip as an example:

    Cranky – thanks for the tip for raid icons!

  3. I actually have the PC debuff in the center of my frames. The issue comes from our heal assignments. In our guild, they are given out by raid icon.