At a former job, the dress code was a vague statement – something like “Employees are expected to maintain appropriate and professional attire.”

However, after that blanket statement inviting the employee to use his or her own judgment, there was a long list of “do not wear” items, which suggested that the employer did not really trust the employee to exercise good judgment.

Among the listed items: “Leather pants.”  From reading that you know that some idiot showed up to work in leather pants, and the boss caught it – and was fuming “obviously these idiots don’t understand ‘appropriate and professional attire,'” and subsequently ordered human resources to add an explicit leather pants prohibition to the policy.

Rules and laws are often created to apply to specific situations that have come up.

Translate this to the game world.  When you start a guild, you think “people have common sense.  Why should I need to spell everything out?”  You start out with only a few basic rules.

It doesn’t take long for one person to do something inordinately stupid, and you’re having to codify a “rule” that previously you assumed was common sense for humans who breathe air.

What rules has your guild created in response to one person’s lack of common sense?


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  1. We haven't created any rules-as-such due to anyone's enormous stupidity, not so much because we've never had anyone do anything enormously stupid but because we still assume those things should be obvious for sentient life.

    Which is why "do not open up a can of bitch on the guildmaster for politely asking your significant other if you intended to show up for the event you signed up for when you don't show" is still not a rule. "Do not attempt to tank the raid trash as a tree" is likewise not a codified rule.