I’m pretty enamored with my druid, to the point that sometimes I think “I had a PRIEST as my main?  A Shaman as my main?  WTF DUDE!”

It’s true, I leveled a druid as a secondary toon in vanilla wow and then just stopped.  I busted out the druid a couple of months ago, got from 60 to 80, and the rest is history.

And here’s why I love the druid: I can do 2 things well.  I can heal just as well as I do on my priest.  I can DPS better than on any other toon, including the Shaman.  Yes, my priest can shadow pewpew, and my shaman can heal – but I suck at it.  For me, those two toons are one-trick ponies: a healer and a DPS respectively.

My cat can kick ass and take names.  I have mostly mastered the complex cat rotation, which has always seemed natural to me (why I fail at other DPS that is supposedly easier is a mystery) – but I almost never get called upon to dps.  The obvious reason: because I’m a healer, and a good one at that, and they can’t afford to lose my awesome hots.  But a second horrible reason is that for most encounters, ranged DPS is more valuable than melee DPS.

It’s true!  For Kel’Thezud, too many melee DPS would lead to a bunch of ice-blocked dead guys.  For Anub, melee DPS can’t shoot down the balls, and they can’t do much in the burrowing phase except avoid the bugs and look pretty.  The list goes on.

At least for Lady Deathwhisper, you need physical dps for some of the adds, so you have to balance the group and include a couple of melee DPS.  But not too many – since on Deathbringer Saurfang, you need sufficient ranged to kite the crap outta the squid beastie things that run about.

Needless to say, when a healer is asked to go DPS, it’s not me, even though my numbers are higher than most healers’ offspecs.  The shadow priest, elemental shaman, or boomkin gets the job.

But I don’t wanna be a boomkin!  So I’m going to be stubborn and fight for my right to LOLSWIPE.


But I don't WANNA be a boomkin: Melee dps and raid encounters — 3 Comments

  1. Some of it comes down to the specific raid's DPS requirements. If your raid already has a ton of melee, then one more melee is bad. However, there are also a lot of fights that you could argue melee has the advantage. If your raid is too caster-heavy on Sarufang, it causes other sorts of problems, too, since you don't have enough space to spread out on the 25-man version if it's too crowded (and you may not have sufficiently high enough DPS to kill some bosses without enough melee).

  2. Power to the Ferals!

    I too play a Resto/Feral dps druid, with resto normally being my primary duties and find that, like you, I often get overlooked when it comes to the chosen healer going dps. While in many cases it is because they state they don’t want to lose “uber healz lol” even when I argue I have “uber deeps lol” back at them (not trying to toot my horn or anything). In some cases ranged is certainly opted for over melee, but even when that doesn’t seem to be the issue, I normally get stuck with the heal assignments even though (as you had stated of yourself) my dps is better than the other heal/dps hybrid class. Perhaps if I pulled the laser chicken suit back out of the bank they may reconsider… but honestly I stopped the pew pew lasers out of sheer boredom of the spec and the sometimes sporadic dps thanks to so much reliance on Eclipse procs (hate it!). I love the complexity of feral dps and really have no intention of going back to boomer… even if that means I don’t get to dps but once in a blue moon.

  3. I to am a resto druid and for a long time was running with a feral off spec, I had loved cat since the moment i dinged 20 and had spent the majority of my leveling solo play in that form. However I recently swapped of spec to Moonkin, why? Well a couple of reasons firstly it was hard to find a spot as melee dps, but mostly the reason was gear! I got so tired of arguing with people about the tree rolling on rogue leather, now at least if something with SP drops im rolling, no arguments.

    And much to my relief, the moonkin form has actually been a whole lot of fun.