La la la, up to the gunship we go… Oh ho ho, a question mark!  Reward: bag of frost goodies?  Yes please!  It can’t be that hard…

Securing the Ramparts: Slay Rotting Frost Giant

The frost giant has 3 big abilities:

1.  Knockback!

Tanks stand against wall.  Rest of raid may have to reposition periodically.

2.  Aoe Ice Breath (think Icehowl)

Suck it up.  Heal through it.

Use  frost resist aura/totem

Use frost resist gear

3.  Death Plague

This deserves a little more of an explanation.  When you get a nasty debuff, you’re supposed to run away from everyone, right?  Nope, not this time.  Because if you fail to infect someone, you die.

“Hey baby, I have the clap death plague, but if I don’t infect you, I’ll die.”  Hawt.

But you don’t want to infect EVERYONE.  So you get a disease buddy.

You two stand together, but 10 m from everyone else (turn on /range) in DBM).  Pair up a healer with a ranged person if possible, and melee with each other.

If a ranged person gets hit, no need to do anything.  If a melee person gets hit, both melee buddies move out of range of the tanks together.  If one of the tanks gets hit, all melee moves out until the disease spreads.

Once the disease moves from Buddy 1 to Buddy 2, Buddy 1 gets a debuff that prevents Buddy 1 from getting the disease again for 35 seconds. Buddy 2 who now has the disease would have to latch onto another buddy, and so on.  Preferably ranged, to control the spread better than in close quarters melee.  After a while, everyone gets the debuff and the disease can’t bounce around anymore, so kill him quickly.    Edit:  Buddy 2 can safely continue to stand next to Buddy 1, and “pass” the disease to Buddy 1.  Buddy 1 is immune and does not get the disease, but Buddy 2 does not die because the game considers Buddy 2 to have “passed” the disease back to Buddy 1. (Though the tooltip is ambiguous, this is the way it works in practice in 10 man.)

Also: Use Nature Resist totem or hunter thingy.  Helps with the disease damage.

Read Up, or Skip it.

I just hate winging it without reading strats of people who went before me.  I know, that’s the way the game is “supposed” to be played, but it’s awfully hard to read the tooltip for a new debuff and interpret that tooltip into strategy while doing your raid job.  Yes, it was 5 badges, and that was nice, but going in unprepared can take up a good chunk of raid time and is inefficient.

Edit: after posting now I see that Cannot Be Tamed wrote a guide on this already!  I’m late to the party.  Go read that guide too, it has tips on Grid!


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  1. Thanks for the info! I wish we had got that weekly raid quest, but instead we got the one to kill both Rotface and Festergut without wiping in-between… not gonna happen yet. >_>