Fluffy girly crap incoming!!

I hate when my toon looks like everyone else’s.  You know, the day after the “new” (*cough* stolen from other races *cough*) hairdos were released, and every human female ran out to get one of the three “high class call girl” blood elf hairdos.

Yes, you’re special.  Gnomes are humping your leg.  Woot.

Humans are fortunate to have many decent hairdos, without even resorting to the “new” ones.  For some races, your choices are “same as everyone else” or “fugly.”

Unless you’re RP-ing an unfortunate trip to the salon, the ugly hairdos are seldom used.  Let’s not even talk about troll female faces… there’s one that’s “pretty” and the rest are seldom seen.

On all my chars, I try to have a “unique” look (as far as possible with the limited options), even if it means eschewing the more attractive or newer hairdos.  But it’s hard to stick to principles when something is particularly cute.

When bears and cats became customizable by hair color, I was drooling over having a white cat.  Of course, so was everyone else.  And dammit, I don’t want to look like everyone else!

But I love the white cat in a girly foofy sort of way.  I love the visibility (so I know where I’m standing).  I love watching the white flash of feral charge-cat as I yell “DEATH FROM ABOVE” and cackle evilly.

I’ll probably just suck it up and go back to white kitty like the albino masses out there.  After all, uh, we’re in Northrend and there’s snow.  Yeah… good “practical” reason.  Polar cat ftw.


I'm a unique special flower dangit: Hairdos, Hair Color, and Cat Form. — 1 Comment

  1. heh, me i went the other direction. i like being a firecracker.. (black cat)

    i do wish the boomkin and trees had some options like the kats and bears.