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Action Bars


Dual Spec Plugin (I haven’t used this, but it might be helpful)

Bartender enables you to  fully customize your action bars.  You can configure your bars however you want (columns, rows)

You can control paging for each bar.  You are not limited to one paging bar that changes based on form.  You can have any number of bars on your screen page based on form.  I currently have 2 paging bars with 24 hotkeys total for each form (rather than the default 12 on the one paging bar in the default UI.)

Paging on my druid:

You can show/hide bars at different times.  Bars can be hidden if you are in combat or in a vehicle.  Bars can also be faded out and be shown fully on mouseover.   Here are two bars that I have faded that appear only on mouseover (I’m mousing over each one in turn in the screenies.)

Keybindings are incredibly easy.  You simply enter keybinding mode, hover over the box that you want to keybind, and press the desired key.


OmniCC adds a numeric countdown to your abilities on your action bars.  It’s useful if you don’t want to use screen real estate on a cooldown monitor, but still want to know when your innervate or battle rez will be ready.

See, Tiger’s Fury and Berserk are on cooldown here:

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