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Casting Bars


Every caster needs this casting bar!  It shows you latency at the very end of your bar so you know when you can start casting another spell.   (See below for action screenie!)


I went SQUEE when I saw this was being updated again!  This nifty mod is good for healers because it puts your  cast timer right around your cursor, where you are looking anyway as you select your heal target.  It shows your GCD and your casting time as a rotation around a circle.  It can help you time your hot-casting so you don’t miss a beat when your GCD is up and you’re ready to cast another.

Here’s an action screenie of both Quartz and GCD!

The red part at the end of the Quartz bar accounts for latency.  Once the red part is reached, the spell cannot be cancelled and you can start casting the next one.

The circle over the grid frame is GCD.  The “spark” goes around the circle clockwise.  The green spark is the casting time.  The white spark (seen between the grid boxes) is the GCD spark, which is obviously going faster around the circle than the green casting spark.

Another action shot:

In this shot, I’m casting renew, triggering only the GCD.   On the “GCD” mod, there is just the white spark going around the circle.   Quartz only shows the built-in GCD bar, which is that tiny little white “ticker” going across the long black line above the grid frame.

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