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Notifications & Tracking (Buffs, Debuffs, and Abilities)

Satrina Buff Frames

This buff frame is highly customizable, though I’m quite boring and just put my icons right where Blizz does.  However, you can do quite neat things, and it looks pretty.

Mine’s a little covered by choco bar, but I don’t much care.  I could move the icons if I wanted.

I have debuffs right under buffs.  See the random dungeon debuff?

Power Auras

Inspired by  Beru, I went ahead and configured POWA for all my characters to show statuses.

You can show when a buff is NOT on you.  You can show when a buff IS.  You can show a proc.  You can show 5 combo points.  You can show a timer.  You can show things based on which spec you’re in, whether you’re in combat, whether you’re in a group, etc.  You can do just about anything.

Now for the pictures:

Tree Setup

Tree has procced clearcasting.  See the glow in the middle of the tree?

I keep icons for several statuses in different parts of my screen, also using Powa.

This one shows that innervate and nature’s swiftness are available:

Right above Grid I have my more commonly used cooldowns and procs.  The following show that Wild Growth and Swiftmend are available, and I’ve procced clearcasting.

Putting it all together for the Tree UI:

Cat Setup

I use the same clearcasting proc as in tree form (glow in the middle of toon).  I also use a red glow when I reach 5 Combo Points.


Oh no, inner fire has faded!


Water shield – faded!  (Text in photo “water shield faded” and the number “0” below feet are from Shields Up, discussed below.)

In this next one, the icon on the left indicates that lava burst is off cooldown.  However, the icon on the right indicates that there is no flame shock on the target.

Class Timer

Why this timer mod rules: unlike the other timer mods I’ve tried,  I can put each timer over the box it times, instead of bunching them all together.  So if I’m targeted on mob X and focusing on mob Y to crowd control mob Y, I can see all the dots I have on Mob X right over mob X’s frame, and how long until my shackle breaks on Y right over Y’s frame.


Dotimer times your dots (duh).  However, for reasons mentioned above, I don’t use it – because all the timers are bunched together and I can’t easily separate out focus timer for crowd control.  However, it does have quite a nice cooldown timer – with an announce function.

Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text

This highly customizable text allows you to control placement on your screen, font, size, and filter the information shown to you.  For example, it will tell me that “WILD GROWTH IS OFF COOLDOWN” but that drives me nuts, so I disabled cooldown announcements, opting instead to use Power Auras to track cooldowns.

Shields Up (Shaman)

You can use this one in conjunction with other notifiers, like power auras.  I like Shields Up because (1) it shows me  how many charges are left on my water and earthen shields  and whom my earthen shield is on; and (2) if earthen shield or water shield falls, it gives me a  loud SPRONG!  and a message across the screen.

Same old boring pictures: First, the text message that the water shield has expired, and a nice red “0” at the bottom.

Next, look, 2 charges left.

The following is a stock photo from of earth shield and water shield up.   The “Revoke” is the player name upon whom the earth shield is cast.

src=”” alt=”” width=”420″ height=”298″ />

Totem Timers (Shaman)

I guess this isn’t as necessary now that we have totem sets, but I love it just the same.  At bare minimum, it notifies you when something happens to one of your totems.

Mouseover the timer to show all totems of that element:

And mouseover a totem on that bar to see the tooltip:

Badkitty (Cat/Bear)

Badkitty is a  timer mod for cat rotation bleeds and buffs.  It automagically takes into account other people’s mangle (or mangle-equivalent) on the target in the timer.   You can also configure it to show an icon for a status not on the target.

As you can see, I have Savage Roar, Rip, and Mangle up.  Rip and Savage Roar will expire around the same time.  Eep.  I also have my energy displayed right there with my bleeds.

In this next shot, I’m a failcat.  I’ve let my energy get to 100, let my bleeds drop, and I don’t have faerie fire on the target (that’s the red tansparent icon in the top left corner).

Look, I got clearcasting!!

Badkitty quit working for me and I have no clue why.  It loads just fine but won’t show my bleeds.  Until it is fixed, I’m using Eventhorizon for my kitty needs.

Ovale (Cat)

I’ve gone leet!  Instead of just using  Feral by Night’s move suggester (out of fairness to me, that thing was slowing down my machine), I’m doing thecustom ovale script on the EJ forum.  Hrm, the implications of being this min/max are scary.

Some people say that using a “next move suggester” is too easy.  Yeah, whatever.  Often I don’t follow what it says because it’s no match for situational awareness.

Ovale showing next move, both berserk and tiger’s fury are still available:

Ovale showing next move.  Berserk available, TF not available.  Faded out icon because not enough energy.

Eventhorizon (Shadow Priest, cat)

Eventhorizon is pretty nifty for priority rotations, because it tells youwhen your stuff is going to end compared to  all  your other stuff  (dots, cast time, cooldowns) in one display.  It also can tell you when to start casting your dot for maximum uptime.

Eventhorizon How-to Video

I started using it for cat as well as shadow priest, and I’m happy to report the cat version takes into account mangle (or mangle-equivalent) applied by another player.  So it’s an acceptable Badkitty substitute, for now.

What I did miss about Badkitty is (1) Badkitty can be shown only while in combat and (2) Badkitty can show your energy right there in the bleeds display.  To take care of these issues  I downloaded  Eventhorizon Redshift and  Eventhorizon Vitals, respectively.

I’m still a little bummed that I can’t configure eventhorizon without some serious coding chops, but the default settings are so far ok with me.

Here, Tiger’s fury is on cooldown (gray bar), Savage Roar, Mangle, Rip, and Rake are up, with mangle ending first.  Berserk is not on cooldown.  You can see from “eventhorizon vitals” above the frame that I have 36 energy.

You can see here that mangle has just expired, I’ve just refreshed Savage Roar, Tiger’s fury is active and about to expire, and I’ve just procced clearcasting.

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