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Deadly Boss Mods

Download it.  Do it.

Do you really want to be the guy who stood in the fire because these mods make the game “too easy?”  You know what’s too easy?  Kicking you out of group for standing in the fire.

Close up (Move out of Fire, Stupid!)

It also shows you boss ability timers if you “think ahead” and other such nonsense.  But I’m mostly a fan of the “GTFO” messages accompanied by the trumpeting noise.


I’m winning on threat I’m winning on threat!!! Download this bad boy and lay off when your threat gets too high.

If you’re healing you don’t have the luxury of laying off when your threat is high, but it gives you a reminder like “oh crap, maybe I should fade/wind shear.”


Hay guzy, I forgot to combat log!  And I turned it on after the 3rd boss.  And then I forgot to turn it off and I have logged every rat I killed for 3 days. LOL!!

No more!  Download Loggerhead and configure it to  auto-log when you step into certain raids.  It will turn on when you enter, and turn off when you leave.  Then you can focus on more important things, like the suicidal mage standing in the fire.

(You can also tell it to log whenever you step into 5 man such-and-such, or zone into WG… whatever.  But I only want to log 10 and 25’s.)

The raids/instances are grouped by Zone, so it’s easy to miss Onyxia as a raid you might want to log since it’s old world.

Alternatively, you can have it simply ask you when you enter a new zone/raid/instance whether you want to log it, and you can make the decision right then.


I use this mostly to prevent my own fail, but also to monitor guildies.  It has helped me, as a raid leader or at least a raid leader assistant, troubleshoot problems with threat generation and DPS output.

However, I would configure it so it only tells  you  that the person is using the wrong rank, and does not spam whispers.  Guildies tend to take it better when the advice comes from a person rather than an addon-spam.  Simply wait until combat is over and then whisper the guildie or say it over vent.

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