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Screen and Addon Organization

Chocolate Bar

Keeps crap off your minimap and on a  neat little bar on the top of your screen.  You can also add other info up there, like how much gold you have, what outfit you’re wearing, etc.  Any addon that has “broker” in the title is fair game to stick on the chocolate bar.

CT Viewport

CTViewport  creates a black space without covering up part of the game world.  It changes the aspect ratio of your screen entirely, and gives you space to put your UI elements without fear that you are missing something.

Addon Control Panel

You can quickly  enable or disable an addon from within the game, and then reloading your UI, rather than having to exit to the character selection screen.  Very useful.

See, I’ve just disabled a EPGP and it shows me that it will be disabled on reloadUI (button on bottom right).


The Cranky UI Part 6 — 2 Comments

  1. Chocolate bar = TitanPanel with smaller footprint?

    I used CTViewport a long time ago myself, but found SunnArt to be a good alternative – personal prefernce sort of thing, I guess.

  2. Sunnart looks really cool! Plus it's on curse, which is a bonus (I am super-lazy with my curse downloader).

    As for Chocobar… there may be plenty of broker alternatives. My friend clued me into it when they stopped updating FuBar.