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This little chat mod makes everything better.  It populates alt names from the guild notes.  So if my guild note is “Crankydruid’s alt” you will see:

[Crankyhunter][Crankydruid]: Hey, I ran out of ammo.

(Yes I really did.  Noob.)

Unfortunately, sometimes it populates wrong, so if the guild note for Crankyhusband is “Crankydruid’s husband” it may tag his main as Crankydruid.  No problem, you can right click on his name and “set main” to nothing at all, or something else.  You can even set it to something derogatory and laugh it up.

Also, if you want to help poor Crankyhunter with quests, it’s easy to invite her to your group.

[Crankyhunter][Crankydruid]: Ready for [inv].

That’s right, folks.  Any time someone says “invite” or just “inv”, you get a clicky where you can simply invite the person to your group.

You can also rename your chat channels so the “1” channel can be “2

Wow Instant Messenger

I’ve covered this before.  It’s 100% pure awesome.  The only downside is I’m running along, this thing pops up, and I end up spouting “wwwwwwwwww” into the pane which I have to clear out before responding.  I’m sure there’s a nice way to fix it.

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