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How could you LIVE without this mod if you’re gathering ore or flowers?  It keeps track of what you’ve picked and where so you know the spawn points you’ve seen.

There’s an  optional wowhead database  to download – I highly recommend this.  There’s no point in reinventing the wheel and finding all the flower spawn points.  Having them all laid out for you makes sure that you know the proper zone to search in for the flower you need, and makes sure you focus your searches on the “clusters” of spawn points.

Nodes appearing on big map:

Node locations appear on minimap as circles.   If there is a dot in the circle from find herbs, you’ve found an herb!

There’s also a HUD to “track” where you’ve been so you don’t fly over the same spot twice, but I find that overly distracting.


The Cranky UI Part 8 — 3 Comments

  1. I know I haven't been commenting much recently but I just want to say I really appreciate this series – I'm kind of weirdly obsessive about my UI and I have a fascination about other people's – it's like looking at someone else's bookshelf or something.

  2. I used gatherer for ages, and always liked it, it's a great addon. But have recently (on the recommendation of a friend and guildmate) converted to using gathermate, routes and gatherHud.

    i found gathermate to be a good replacement for gatherer – but the only reason i switched was to get 'Routes' working properly.

    routes can generate paths for you to follow between all the known nodes in a zone, in such a way that you don't miss any. It also plugs nicely into tomtom – allowing you to use the guide arrow to point you at the next node.

    gatherHud i'm not so chuffed about – as it misses the vapour trail thing from gatherer's hud. as a result i often find myself backtracking.

    Depending on how useful i find routes, i may or may not switch back to gatherer.