Last week, I led… some raids and attended others.

I’m tired.

ICC-10 (Tuesday)

But first a side note:

To all raid leaders out there: taking a break is all well and good.  People get burnt out.  But when one of the raid leaders is afk due to moving and another has just stepped down, this is not the time.  When you do this, Cranky who is NOT a raid leader due to Blahblahginger fail has to lead raids and may have an  aneurysm.  Thanks.

Cranky’s first time leading ICC!!!

AGH FREAK OUT!!! Ok, moving on…

The Raid: Progression-Wise

Now, let’s get to the raiding.  It went surprisingly well.

What was impressive though is that we had 2 groups and with 1-2 standbys  we took almost everyone who wanted to go and split them equally according to gear and ability.  We sat out some of our best players who had been raiding a lot in order to get some newer people in.  Breaking in a new tank is hard, but last night was surprisingly smooth… considering EACH group was breaking in a new tank who had never seen the fights.  Both groups got through gunship before the raid ended due to time.

I feel very good about this.  I feel vindicated that our philosophy of taking everyone who wants to participate is paying off and working, and that we’re not leaving anyone behind for “progression.” It’s frustrating when you try to include newer players and proceed to have a wipefest, and that did not happen.  I think last night boosted guild morale and reinforced our casual raiding philosophy.


Over vent

Me: Pallyhealer, make yourself useful.  You know, cleanse a disease or something so you’re not whupping me on the meters.

Pallyhealer: Nah I’ll just heal through it.

Me: It’s all fun and games until someone gets Herpes.

Tank: That’s good, I’ll remember that.

Me: Look on the bright side, if you get herpes, you can go whitewater rafting like in the commercials.

Pallyhealer: Yes, but should I give my wife herpes too?  Do I want her whitewater rafting with me on my vacation?

Smacktards are everywhere

When I started my raid, I noticed that there were a couple people in vent chat who weren’t in the raid.  That’s not unusual – sometimes guildies who aren’t raiding like to listen in to learn encounters, or new recruits are invited to listen in to see how we do things.  However, one new guildie, invited that very day (and I suspect quite drunk), several times piped up with unsollicited and fairly stupid advice.  I told him politely to shush so we could raid, and went on with it.

He did not shut up.  I had to threaten to gkick him – at which point he left vent and misbehaved in gchat.  I demoted him to a rank that wasn’t allowed to speak in gchat, and he started harassing guildies in tells.  Hell.  No.  /gkick.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the vent admin password, so we all had to endure him bouncing from channel to channel while each member was instructed to mute him individually.  The night culminated in the web admin’s girlfriend contacting the web admin to get online to do some serious banning.

That took WAY too much time out of my raid and made me cranky.  The idiot even had the nerve to make an alt to harass me.  Isn’t that the way it always is?

TOGC-10 (Wednesday)

Wow.   My first time in there.   Just Wow.   Like the instance inhaled an entire meth lab.   Crazypants.  (Crankyhusband was leading and I was doing heal assigns.)

We got down beasts, which was awesome, but got a lil stuck DPSing the portals quick enough trying to get Jaraxx to quit spawning evil thong ladies.   I got a nice recipe and a kitteh ring (nobody else wanted it).

We’ll probably go again because it’s fun – and it’s fun because there’s no “pressure.”   At this point it’s not mainstream “progression” content for us.   If we get one boss down and quit after 2 hours, whatever.   Not like we’re “wasting” our lockout.   And the loot is still beneficial to what we’re doing (unlike Ulduar, for example) so it’s not strictly a “fun run.”

(I actually don’t like fun runs.   Too many people think they can screw around, not read strats, not pay attention, and just faceroll.   Nothing like wiping on BC crap to sober you up.)

Healing notes on assigning the player, not the class

The group’s holy priest who had been struggling a bit wanted to try tank healing (she’s pretty enamored with Serendipity right now), and she excelled at it.  In fact the pally said the next day “no offense!” but he had an easier time healing the tanks when she was his healing partner (rather than me).  None taken, I’m no tank healer, and I squee that we’ve found the priest her niche!

TOC-10 (Thursday)

This was supposed to be a 25 but we had no-shows, so we made lemons from lemonade and turned it into a 10.

Logistically this meant that we canceled the 10 that was scheduled for Saturday (due to lockouts), which sucks for people who can only make it Saturday, but the Saturday run only had 7 sign ups so it probably would have been canceled anyway.  I was relieved though.  I’m already exhausted from raiding.

Smoothest run ever.  Seriously.  One shotted everything.  Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.  I felt almost dirty getting in and out of there in an hour.

Cranky is backseat raid leader (NO!  BAD!)

I did interject way too much after having led it for 2 weekends in a row and I need to STFU and let the raid leader do it.  I just felt like… if I didn’t remind them about the green fire on their feet, and someone died, and we had to do it over again… well then I’d have to do it over again.  I WAS FEELING TIRED AND SELFISH, OK?

No healer shenanigans please

In my best schoolmarm voice, I had to tell the pally that the tank better not die just because he thought it was fun to stun the big adds on Anub as they walked in.  Stunned them when he was supposed to be healing.  Stunned them when they were not yet on the ice, causing a delay in the off-tank picking them up.  Dude, just heal, and… HEAL, that’s it.  Really.  Must… control… nerdrage.

To healers out there that go into an instance and think “we’re overgeared, this is EZ, we should be 2-healing this, I should go crazy and start DPSing and crap…” NO!  BAD HEALER!  Won’t you feel like a moron if someone dies because of your shenanigans – or we wipe?  Just heal, take it easy, and enjoy a break from the usual frantic pace.

To the dirty shaman who gave me water walking: Real funny.  Har har.

Weekly Raid (Friday)

Dear everyone:  If you are going to do the weekly earlier in the week, do us the courtesy of un-signing-up to the guild event.

It was Noth.  No stories to tell.  We don’t fail that badly!

Wait I lied… because I had to do the raid a second time as an alt and…

Cranky fails at Shadow DPS

Like seriously failed.   So fail that I got tells from the other shadow priest, an alt of an alt of an alt, gloating how he beat me with worse gear… he asked if I was asleep.   I felt irrationally stabby at that point.

Intellectually I know what the rotation is.   But the execution is hard.

Nothing, blissful Nothing (Saturday)

NO RAID!   Ok, so maybe I was a little TOO happy about having to cancel my late TOC-10, but i could use the break.

Whippersnappers nowadays

Pro tip:   If you’re a college student, it’s Saturday night, you are drinking rum, and have a girl in your room, get off the computer!   Do not keep running instances, especially when you’re drunk enough to fail at them and have her call you a dumbass.

(After finishing the instance, the other 4 guildies in the group boycotted grouping with him and demanded that he leave immediately, for his own good.)

Valentine’s Day (Sunday)

We’re not lame enough to schedule events on V-day.  We pretend to have lives.   Although Crankyhusband and I fail at V-day about as badly as we fail at anniversaries.

I gave a public service announcement to get off the computer and grind wife faction.   Guildies ignored it at their own risk.   I logged off.

ICC-10 Continued (Monday)

Omg I two-healed Saurfang and LIVED!!!  I hate 2-healing anything. Ever.  With a burning hatred reserved for people who put gum under seats.  I mean, wtf, I did NOT need gum on the back of my pants, thanks.

Fortunately, one of our usual raid leaders was available, and I didn’t have to lead this one, though I did do the EPGPS (badly).

Group 2

Crankyhusband led group 2 and they also got Saurfang down.  Again, a huge success for the “casual” guild rotating in everyone who wants to raid.

Sitting in the same room does help – after my group downed Saur, I fed Crankyhusband some tactics that we had used and blammo!  Achievement spam!!

Then the mag’hari chieftan staff dropped for their group.  I died a little inside.


I’m tired.  I convinced the raid leaders that it was my turn to sit the bench this week.  Awesome.


Cranky's long raiding week. — 2 Comments

  1. wow nice job! I just got my casual "Storming the Citadel" this week as well. Looking forward to getting a little deeper …. I'm thinking by the time I’m level 85 ill have killed the king!

    Congo Ratz and take a break already!

  2. Yeah I'm raiding/raidleading about 4 days a week right now and I don't feel like doing anymore even if I know it could help out the guild a lot. There's been talk of doing ToC25 to gear people up for ICC and I started crying I think… god I hate that place.