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Managing Your Stuff


Yes, yes, I know we can store outfits on the server now.  But this one willauto-swap gear for you when you change specs!  (Ok, who has tried to heal in feral gear and said “geesh… I’m OOM again!” /raisehand guiltily.)   And it plays nice with the default in-game outfit set.  You can choose to save your outfits on the server or just in Outfitter only.

You can even have it swap outfits for you to your RP stuff when you’re in “resting” state (in Dalaran, etc).

Here’s my outfit menu (pretty)

Here’s how you get it to swap with talents:

So many menus!  Ok, in order:

Edit:  oopsie, I realized I linked the same pic twice.  Fixed!

Ark Inventory

It’s not just that this inventory mod shows you one big bag for all your stuff.   Look how the herb bag slots are highlighted green (oooh).

It also lets you  categorize your stuff within your bag and your bank.  So when you buy reagents, they will automatically go into the “section” you’ve created with the other reagents.  Your crafting supplies can have their own section, etc.

Creating Sections:

Assigning section to items by category:

But wait, there’s more!  It will let you find stuff too.  In your own bag, if you start typing the name of the item, it will “gray out” things that don’t match.

If you mouseover an item, it will let you know if ANY of your characters have that item, and if so, how many, and whether it’s in the bank or inventory – or in the guild bank.   It’s very useful to be able to mouseover a piece of frostweave and instantly know how many I have across my various characters.  It’s nice to mouseover loot that drops and see if I already have that piece for my offset sitting in the bank.

Or you can simply do an old-fashioned search if you don’t have the item to mouseover.


I hate manually clicking stuff that expires from the auction house.  Let Postal do it for me.  Yeah!


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Auctioneer.  It allows you to scan the auction house to create a database of market prices – and to view those prices when you mouseover an item.  However, it’s a resource hog.  I’d sayonly enable it on your bank toon.  It’s well worth it because you can list multiple items quickly.


The Cranky UI Part 9 — 1 Comment

  1. I don't know if it would meet your needs, but AuctionLite serves my AH needs well, and actually has a couple of little tricks that Auctioneer doesn't. If interested, it's on Curse.