Useful Stuff


A list of useful links by  Miss Medicina.  All sorts of stuff you want to know.

Advice to New Bloggers by Anea.  Stuff that I wish I had bothered to find out before starting my blog.

Friends List Management from No Stock UI.  For you “social” folks out there.


Totem Management by  Stoneybaby at Big Hit Box.  Details useful mods etc.

Fire DPS totems by Planet of the Hats.  How to maximize your DPS using fire dps totems.


Resto Cheat Sheet from Revive & Rejuvinate.  A good summary to keep handy.

ArPen Gear list by Primal Precision.  Even includes gear obtainable for the casual player.


Analysis of Healing Glyphs (cheers and jeers) by A Healadin’s Tear.  An excellent explanation of each glyph and why it is useful or useless.

Stuff that Makes me Laugh

I would do anything to raid! Collected by Gauss.

ICC fun with Kilrogg by Almost Evil.

Running over dorfs for love by Tamarind at Righteous Orbs.

How to be Successful in a Pug by Too Many Annas.  Memorize DBAD rule!

Fufu up Tora 10! by protflashes at Aggro Management.  Rogues are sissies in all languages.

Stuff that Makes me Ponder

Both Kurn and Windsoar have issues with the accuracy and objectivity of information from  Always double check your sources.

A guild alliance that works by Divine Plea.  So unusual after horror stories, I had to sit up and pay attention.

Perspective by protflashes at Aggro Management.  Reflections on talking about Wow with others versus playing Wow, and how a person talks about Wow often doesn’t accurately reflect the person’s in-game skill.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect by Euripedes at Critical QQ.  A very interesting read about conclusions reached by competent and incompetent players, none of which are entirely accurate.

Gnomaggedon and Larisa on their “bubbles” – a look at using WoW as an escape or holiday.

Seething Rage is Seething by ForrestStump.  Everyone should read this and recognize that our actions have consequences.  I know of too many people seeking validation for indefensible acts on the Internet, whether in guild chat or on a blog platform.


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  1. Ugh, I suck for taking so long to thank you for the linkage! 😀 Twice, no less! ^^

    I'm going to have to check out those Shaman links…I'm failing at DPS again, LoL. Maybe they can help. ^^