Good news, everyone.  No, not Putricide.

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that I actually got to go kitteh!   We were actually short melee DPS for deathwhisper.

The bad news is that I failed at it!


Pity Parade, comin down the street, stand behind the barricade.

  • My DPS was low.  I didn’t even beat husband, and he was dpsing on his failwarrior* (again, due to being low on melee dps).
  • There’s a lot of running.  A lot of running.  Puff puff, fat kitteh needs a diet.  Feral charge should have a 2 sec cooldown.  30 seconds is evil.
  • It’s hard to remember which stupid mobs to attack as melee.  Adherents.  Adherents.  Dream about Adherents.
  • And me being all “cautious” not to get aggro.  Which I did anyway on the last phase when the tank had 4 stacks of that debuff.  Splatkitteh, flatkitteh.

On the bright side:

  • I didn’t stand in any crap I wasn’t supposed to, even if it meant I was just standing there DPSing nothing.
  • I didn’t try to pad my numbers by dpsing the boss when I was supposed to be dealing with adds.
  • I didn’t pull aggro until the very end.
  • I did battle rezes and stuff.
  • I gave innervate to the healer.
  • I busted out a tranquility bomb at the appropriate time.
  • They were 2 healing and neither of the healers was me.  I hate 2-healing.

I have a hawt date tonight.  It’s with Rawr and the target dummy… and possibly with me getting Badkitty to work again.  I may download Skada if I’m feeling industrious since Recount is a hog.

If they’re gonna ask me to DPS, shock of shocks, I better be pretty effin good at it.  Yeah I said effin.  I’m trying to cut down on swearing in front of Twig.

After said hawt date…

Spec: check.  Proper according to EJ, etc.

Gear: according to Rawr (newest version) I can’t rearrange my existing gear (banked etc) or buy triumph badger items that will make me much better.  I’m not making noobie mistakes.  I guess I’ll just have to get proper upgrades. Like ICC stuff.  That means I have to spend more time in ICC.  (I so needed a week off, but I’m a healer, so hah, I got roped into it.)  I sure as hell am not spending frost badgers on dps gear, and I’m not taking a toc-25 trophy if that could be used by another guildie on their main set.

Rotation: Got badkitty working again.  Was doing 3.8k on the dummies unbuffed without using berserk (time sample of longer than 5 mins).  It’s entirely possible that I was making some rotation errors using eventhorizon (which is inferior for cat stuff).  Or the fact that you can’t get a decent rotation going when you’re jumping from add to add like my cats on catnip.  (Has your cat ever run around the house like crazy with  puffy tail?  Hilarious!)

Chalk the fail up to having to run about a lot, and being new to melee in that particular fight?

*Edit: An Addendum for Crankyhusband

Crankyhusband would like me to point out that his warrior is a “failwarrior” because (1) it is his alt and (2) DPS is the alt’s secondary spec.  Which leads to two implications:

  1. He doesn’t usually fail.  Nobody should think Husband fails.  I totally don’t want to sleep on the couch.
  2. I supersuck because the offspec dps of my main was equivalent to the offspec dps of his alt.


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  1. I hate two-healing because MOST times the raid leader suggests it… it's for a fight where we're struggling across the board, and the DPS is not adequate. It shifts the burden to the healers to pull out magical feats of strength because the DPS can't.

    Now, the healers aren't geared any better than the DPS. If 5 DPS isn't geared enough to get through the encounter, how on earth are 2 healers geared enough to heal through it?

    Healers are special flowers and must be nurtured, loved, respected, and to a certain extent coddled. If you make their jobs more stressful, they'll roll a hunter (I've considered it). Make it more stressful on the DPS, not the healers!

    Also, the third healer gives us coverage when a healer can be incapacitated by something-or-other. I hate it when a raid wipes simply because one of the two healers gets taken out by a mechanic like web wrap, running away from eye beams, etc and the only way to beat the encounter is to pray to the RNG gods that neither of the two healers gets incapacitated at a bad time. Boo-urns.

    There are some encounters when it's appropriate. Like Saurfang, where if the DPS controls things well, the healers don't have all that much to do.

    But otherwise, I hate it.

  2. Given that our rogue HATES HATES HATES being on add duty during the Deathwhisper fight because of all things you just mentioned, and he plays nothing but melee classes, I wouldn't worry too much about your DPS based on that metric.

  3. I got to kitty on Deathwhisper, too, last night.

    I failed at it, too.

    I forgot to switch my gear out from resto.

    FailKae was declawed. :(

  4. "Puff puff, fat kitteh needs a diet." This made me giggle. Poor kitteh.

    If you're having trouble with Badkitty, another great kitty-monitoring addon is Droodfocus: It is awesome. I actually prefer it to BadKitty because it will move the bleeds/ buff that's about to expire to first in line, so that you know which one you'll need to refresh soon.

    Also, being on Deathwhisper adds is hell on kitty dps since kitties have a bit of ramp-up time (by which time the add is usually dead). Try to have them let you go kitty for Saurfang, which is fun! 😀

  5. Hot damn, droodfocus is nice, and I'm not seeing any guides or screenies out there, so looks like I have a new mod-guide-project for the site…