I got the shawl of refreshing something-or-other last night.  Boy, am I glad I didn’t buy the frost badger cloak that, while awesome, has crit on it.  Crit.  EEEW!

My haste is now… 800+  I’m not awesome with numbers.  But it is closeish to non-CF cap.  I don’t need to be 100% haste capped, but it occurs to me that since we’re starting 25’s again, I’m actually going to be having all these nifty raid buffs around.

Which means CRANKY GETS TO RESPEC!!!  And probably reglyph… since if we’re doing 25’s, I won’t be doing any tank healing, evah.  Buh bye nourish glyph, hello wild growth.

Now to deal with my mana regen…

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