Once upon a time there were 4 guildies and a PUG mage in HCOS.  And they were uber (except the mage).  So uber, in fact, that they killed the first boss quite rapidly, and were patiently waiting for the town crier to call out the location of the next wave.

“GO TANK!” uttered the clueless mage.

Go WHERE exactly? the guildies wondered.  There was nothing to kill because it had not spawned yet, and they failed to see how the tank “going” anywhere would cause said spawn to happen.  However, they politely ignored the comment.

Crankycat, however, suggested to the healer that letting the mage die for pulling way too much aggro was within his rights as healer.  The healer declined, being a far better person than Crankycat.

The instance was finished with no further incident.



An Idiot Pug Fairy Tale — 1 Comment

  1. Hehe, gotta love groups like that. There have been times I quit healing a dps who wouldn't let the tank do it's job. I suppose I'm not a nice person some days 😉