Druid Glyphs

Keeva at TreeBarkJacket explains the pros and cons of using the glyph of rapid rejuvenation in a 25-man raid, which is far more nuanced than a simple “it rules” or “it sucks.”

Kae at Dreambound goes fight-by-fight through ICC to tell us what the best glyphs for each fight are – and why.


Being A “Good” Raider

You absolutely need to read Personal Accountability from Bible of Dreams and do everything the list says.   This is stuff that any casual raider can do, and honestly, there’s no excuse for not putting in the effort.   You have the tools.   Do it.

Casual 101: knowing is half the battle from World of Matticus.   This is part of being prepared for raids: knowing the encounters.   Thespius says: “I €™ve even, yes, downloaded a video to my iPod and watch it while I €™m on the can.   (That €™s right, I went there).”   Having just gotten a droid this last week, I won’t comment on this.

Letters from Birdfall sets forth the other part of being prepared for raids: knowing your class and spec.   A general guide for anyone who wants to play… well anything!

Raid Leading

Understanding Hardcore Raid Leaders at the Hunter’s Mark is an excellent summary of what raid leaders go through and gives some insight into why they do some things that the raiders don’t understand or agree with.   And here’s Avenging Wrathy’s commentary on that post.

Kitten Herding 101 at Clearcasting is an excellent snapshot into what happens when a raid falls apart, and the remaining officers etc are left to pick up the pieces, because the guild expects a raid.   This is what goes into it.   It’s hard.

Cold Comfort in The B Team talks about how to run 2 raiding teams within your guild while minimizing conflict.


Noisy Rogue, That spelling-taskmaster at High Latency Life, Pugnacious Priest, and Klepsacovic in the last couple of months have all weighed in on single-gender guilds – all interesting reads (including comments).


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