Ok, real life tip for those of you who have babies, toddlers, or are thinking of spawning.  Others move along, nothing to see here.

Make your crib in layers.  Don’t just put on pee pad then sheet.  Put on pee pad, sheet, pee pad, sheet, pee pad, sheet.  3 layers should be fine.

Why do we do this?

In the middle of the night, Junior is howling and you discover there’s been a “containment breach,” and there’s all sorts of unpleasantness soaked into the sheets.  At that point, you’re probably changing a diaper, putting on new PJ’s and the last thing you need is to grab sheets to remake the bed.  Fear not!  Rip off the top layer of sheet/pee pad, and you have a nice clean bed for Junior.  Junior gets back to bed quicker, and you can go back to sleep.

This tip was brought to you by “honey… can you come here a sec” before a recent raid.  Fortunately, due to the aforementioned technique, Twig was quickly put back to bed and we did not hold up the raid.


Boring parenty advice — 3 Comments

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