I like Ice HUD.  It tells me when my health and mana are low.  Because, you know, it’s all about me.

However, just like your mom talking about the night you were conceived, it has a problem with TMI.  That’s right… too much information.

There are all sorts of crazy modules.  There’s target, target of target, casting bar, your pet’s health, your pet’s energy, combo points, druid mana bar, underwater breath, buffs, debuffs,  sunders… oh yeah and your own health and mana.

Stock photo from curse.com with all the bells and whistles:

Eep!  Here is an artist’s rendition of me first downloading the mod:

I have since disabled most of the crap so I just see MY HEALTH and MY MANA.  Remember, it’s still all about me.

And running back from a wipe at half health…

Look at my beautiful antlers.   Ignore the fact that I wiped.

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Ice HUD — 3 Comments

  1. What I like most about IceHUD over other hud mods is that you can individually customize each bar to have its own graphic texture. I also love that it has bars for stuff like threat, rogue Slice and Dice, and a combo-point counter for shaman Maelstrom procs :)

  2. Tackled one of my conflicts there. On one hand I feel like Johnny nr5 constantly wanting MOORREE INPUT! But when I'm in battle and see nothing but bars all over the place, dancing numbers, popping aura's and big "DISPELL NOW", "COOLDOWN READY", "INCOMMINGGG!!", etc, signs all over the place, I tend to drown in them, almost missing the big glowing spot under my feet.

    Icehud is great though. So much configurability. What I like most is to have it put the target raid icon in my face and the target information text just below, so I can keep an eye on my to-dispell/interrupt/CC target without having to move my eyes too far from the other healthbars… and my feet.

  3. Given how dependent I am on power auras that would be extreme information overkill. I would be a disco priest … literally .. in the "ARGH MY EYES WHAT ARE ALL THESE BRIGHT LIGHTS HELP" sense.