You can cast wild growth on a mob and it will splash around to your group.

Which I totally knew.   Really… I didn’t need some dude who plays a druid as an ALT to tell me.   Nope.   Totally knew that.

See, this is why you people can’t trust me.   Next thing you’ll be telling me that Prayer of Healing can be cast on other groups in the raid.   (Kidding.   I knew that one.   OR DID I?)


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  1. I didn't know that, at all. I wonder if that means you can cast Circle of Healing on a mob and it will hit the group around it?

    Does that waste one of the 5/6 charges then?

  2. Well, what's really happening is that Blizzard's smart targetting autocasts beneficial spells on yourself if you have an enemy mob targetted.

    So targetting an enemy and casting CoH or WG essentially casts it on yourself (not the mob), and it will hit people within the radius of yourself.

  3. I don't believe it wastes a charge. I've cast it on a player before and sometimes it casts on players AROUND my target and not the target itself (perhaps because it's SMART and doesn't apply to someone who is topped off).

    I was thinking the same about COH. The tooltip is "ambiguous" like the WG tooltip. Might be worth trying… Please let me know the results!

  4. For wild growth, it should be hitting the people around the mob (ie. your tank & melee). No idea how it works for other class' spells. I can check to confirm tonight (should be easy – cast on things far away from you & see if it falls on the people around the boss or you).

    You may have a UI option or mod that instead has WG set up to cast centered on you if you are targeting a mob.

  5. What I was talking about in that post was your casting getting stuck on a dead mob out of range & having errors, instead of your mouse-over macros actually working.

  6. Interesting… I didn't know that either. Will check it out tonight.

    Why you would want to do it is another question.. why wouldn't you just cast WG on the tank? :)

  7. I remember WG having a problem when you cast it via [target=] (which happens if you use clique,healbot,etc) while you're selected target was dead or out or range (could be both enemy or friend). I haven't healed as druid for a long time so I don't know if that's fixed or not, but this almost sounds like a similar bug, or perhaps the same, but another effect of it.

  8. Because sometimes the mob has a big hit box… so that if you cast it on the tank who is in front of the mob it actually won't reach the melee behind the mob. But if you cast it on the mob, it should splash front, to the tank, and back, to the melee dps.

  9. Yeah I realize that… I was too quick to answer and was a bit inarticulate (hubby was shouting at me that we had to leave for the park RIGHT NOW)… basically your post quoted the devs explaining that it IS supposed to work on mobs. That same post talking about mouseover issues might explain why the anonymous poster above may well be correct that I ended up casting WG centered on myself. As you say below – easy to test!

  10. Ok…. awesomesauce! It totally works on a mob! I used it on a mob with clique both with the mob targeted and with the mob in focus frame. Hover over mob frame, click, profit! And no, it wasn't just casting on self. I made sure to test at range.

  11. Ooh I didn't know that! *files away in special restodruid section of brain*

    Yesterday I was about to write a Strongly Worded Letter to someone about the failure of wild growth to hit the right targets (or any targets sometimes). Then i realised that I'd forgotten to macro the spell to my mouseover keybinding, so instead of it hitting who I was moused over, it was hitting whoever I had randomly targeted at that time… doh!