Ok… Clique is pretty self explanatory.   Open spellbook.   Open Clique.   Do your desired click-binding on your spell in your spellbook.   Done.

Buuuut… I have 2 advanced lessons for you.


You’re going to need your macros!   Trinkets, Nature’s Swiftness, Inner Focus, all that junk.

Here’s how you do a clique macro.

Step 1: Open clique interface and hit “custom”.

Now you do the following (follow along in handy-picture below).

Step 2:

1. Click “run custom macro”

2. Set your click binding (hover over that button and click your desired binding)

3.   Write your macro.   Just like you’d write any old macro.   Except use [target=mouseover] for the heal part.   For some reason, I’ve had it foul up on me if I don’t do that, even though the “mouseover” part is implied in the normal clique keybindings.

Step 3: Profit


Do you want to have different click bindings when you’re in different specs?   No problem!

Go into your Clique interface and click Profile.   Your Profiles window should pop up.   The default for each toon will be “Charactername – Servername.”   (You can switch to whatever character profile you wish, at any time, from any toon).

Then click “New” and name the newly-created profile whatever you want.   Switch to the new profile.   At this point, you will have a blank clique panel and you will input all the commands/macros/etc for that profile.   Just like when you were setting them up the first time on your character.

Woot.   Now you have two profiles for the same toon.   Here’s the fun part!

Go to “Options” and you will be able to use the drop-down menus to set a profile for each of your specs.   It will automagically change profiles for you now when you change specs!

Obviously, the next step is profit!


Advanced Clique: Macros and Dual Spec Profiles — 10 Comments

  1. Very helpful post. I tried to bind a NS+HT macro with Clique and it never worked right. I'll add that extra [target=mouseover] line tonight.

  2. Hrm…when was the last time you updated your Clique? I *think* that it now has a "primary spec" and "secondary spec" option that will automatically diferentiate your keybindings based on what spec you are in :)

    I'm not 100% positive about it, because it's not a feature that I use, but I'm fairly certain when I was walking one of our priests through it he asked me about it and then said "oh, nevermind here it is!". So that might be something to look into, so you don't have to remember to swap profiles everytime you switch specs!

  3. Yep, that is what I was showing above. You create a profile for each spec, and then you use the dropdown menu pictured above to assign a profile for primary and secondary specs – and click the check box to automatically change your profile when you change specs.

  4. So, I have an advanced clique question. I want to make a res macro that anounces in raid who I'm ressing, when i click them. The macro itself would be something like:

    /yell Ravsis going to resurrect %t!
    /cast SPELLNAME

    How do I get it to return the name of my mouseover target without having them targetted?

  5. I'm just trying to learn Clique – I also have a shammy healer – can someone let me know (post here) how to toggle these buttons when I'm out of combat?


    Al in SoCal

  6. I don't think you want to do that.

    You can do this by creating an "out of combat" keybind set using the drop down menu that says "default" in the last picture above. You can also do this by creating a custom macro as above and inserting [combat] into each line, and using an alternate string, if you wish for [nocombat].

    But wait, DO NOT DO THIS!!! Often the tank and the rest of the group get into combat, and you are not in combat until you CAST THE FIRST HEAL. But you can't use your keybinding to cast that heal unless you're IN COMBAT already, if you have a toggle. Not good. The tank is dying and unless you pick a fight with the boss by running up and whacking or by getting aggro, you can't use your keybinding to do anything about it.

    Now, if I'm going to macro in my trinkets, nature's swiftness, inner focus etc, I often use a [combat] in that command line. Obviously I don't want my trinkets firing if I'm casually healing up someone in Dalaran.

  7. Thanks for the advice – and that is GOOD advice – I didn't realize that your first heal puts you in combat.

    Really I just wanted to turn it off afterward the raid is over – which you also explained.

  8. I think you'll probably have to use a script command to do the yell instead. Something like this should work (untested at present!)

    /script SendChatMessage("Ravsis going to resurrect " .. UnitName("mouseover"), "YELL", nil);
    /cast [target=mouseover] SPELLNAME

    Note that is two lines if some weird wrap happens – /script is first line, /cast is second line.