About Twig Sleeping in the Bed

Houston, we have a full night’s sleep in the bed!

Sure, it took me sitting there until an hour when most normal babies would be asleep, but she didn’t want to sleep in the crib.  Fine.  She got stubbornness from me.  And maybe some from Crankyhusband.

This morning I hear a rattling and “OPEN THE DOOR.”  I go in there and she’s back in bed, reading a book.  Mommy winz!

What about Mommy’s Raid time?

To be safe, I bowed out of the ICC-10  raid for tonight (we have plenty of subs).  Seeing how tonight goes, I might be able to commit to ICC-10 Thursday.  You know, when all the easily killable bosses are already dead, and I get the “treat” of the “learning wipe night.”  I like “learning wipe night” as much as the next person (groan), but I really feel the burn when it’s not offset by a successful night.


Quick baby and the bed update. — 1 Comment

  1. Nonono, never ever not even never!

    All my friends who routinely let their children sleep in the bed with them come to regret it later. It takes a very unpleasant two week grind to ween them off it once they're hooked. :-)