I must be the only one who has been waiting for a while now, hoping that this buff would come out sooner rather than later.  For my guild, it will be a help, and possibly revive the raiding program that is starting to stagnate from boredom, now that we’ve hit a “wall.”

Casual Guild Focus

My guild is a casual guild, and the general rule is that everyone gets to participate, as long as they put in the minimal effort to get there.

Not ICC-ready yet?  We have TOC-10 and TOC-25 runs to help you get there.

ICC-ready?  You get to go just as often as anyone else.  Doesn’t matter if there are 5 other people who can do the job better sitting the bench.  You get to go.

Frost Badgers

In many guilds doing ICC content, the guildies all get their 2 frost badgers every day, and their 5 weekly badgers, and then any badgers from ICC.  In our guild, far less than that.  I would say that if the diligent wow-addict gets the maximum of 19 frost badgers from non-raiding activities, our guild average is closer to 10-12.

Usually, if I’m raiding on a given night, I don’t have time to do my random.  I’m logging on minutes before the raid, helping organize, etc.  After the raid, I’m crashing, because I have this “job” thing in the morning.   Twig needs attention in the evenings, not “Sorry, mommy’s gotta get her frosties.”


We want to run ICC-25!  We have enough people to pull it off, and it has more favorable ratios for tanks and healers than running 2 10-mans.  We wouldn’t have to juggle 2 ID’s, which would make continuations a breeze.

We haven’t gotten down  Marrowgar.


We’re running 1-2 ICC-10 runs a week, depending on how many people sign up.  We are just now, like in the last 2 weeks, reliably killing Saurfang.  We’ve killed Festergut twice.

Festergut has been close to dead and enraged on us a good number of times.  The group last week ended up having to 2-heal that fight and they won by the seat of their pants.  2-healing Festergut.  Ugh.  5% to us would be the difference between success and failure on that fight.  I have no doubt about that.

How the Buff will Help Us

We’re getting bored.  Sign-ups are falling off because we’re doing the same content week after week, 4 lousy bosses, and sometimes still struggling with it.   By this point, everyone knows the fights, and everyone is mostly properly geared.  We just keep hitting a “wall.”  5% may be just enough to get us over that “hump” and into some newer content.

We are getting better at everything (gear and skill), but not fast enough.  Casual players are simply not willing to work THAT hard to see the content.  They want their raids to be fun and challenging, but not a wipefest.  If it seems like it’s going to be an impossible amount of work to get to see the content, they’re going to wander off, not to be seen again until Cataclysm.

We need this buff.  We needed it last month.  I just wish it were a little bigger.


The ICC Buff (I like it) — 3 Comments

  1. Our raid group changes constantly because of how we handle people getting into raids, so the buff should help us actually get through it as we often take characters who are undergeared for the instance in there as well. We'll take the buff and we'll enjoy it.

  2. I host a weekly PuG ICC25 raid. It's mostly the same people from different guilds, but we rotate 5+ people every week. Since we only raid one night a week and we don't have the cohesiveness of a guild, the buff will help us considerably. I'm happy about it.

  3. Your description of your casual raiding is very similar to our guild. We run one 10 man raid, and we just got Rotface down for the first time this week. We team up with another guild for 25 man runs. Both guilds were previously participating in the same alliance of 4 guilds for 25 man raids, but we have split off to allow more members to participate in the runs…even though we knew it would set us back a little. The buff will definitely help make raiding more exciting for our guild and help us see some of the content a little quicker.