In the spirit of paying it forward, I’ve added a new sidebar category: Featured Blogs.  This is for new blogs (newer than mine?  unpossible!) or blogs that are older but haven’t been “noticed” much (more obscure than my blog? unpossible!).  I hope to rotate out blogs on the sidebar monthly or so.  Feel free to give me a nudge if you want your blog listed.

(Also, just pruned the main blogroll, with a cutoff date of Feb 1, 2010 for the most recent post.)


New blog widget-thingy: Featured Blogs — 6 Comments

  1. What a nice feature! I might *ahem* steal your idea at some point when my brain works again ^^

  2. I like this idea. I don't always have the time to search through every blog and so I love it when people do weekly summaries, featured blogs, etc. I find new blogs this way and get a chance to read different ones every week.

  3. Thanks I think I found a new blog. The shaman blogs all seem to be going away, and I want to learn more about my newest level 80 healer. (Also you could feature mine maybe sometime.) I wouldn't mind more readers.

  4. Oh, oh! I'm a featured blog! Thanks! I'm still tinkering with various widgets, speaking of widgets (I just like saying widget). The new still hasn't worn off the blog yet and I'm still tweaking stuff as I discover what it is or how to work it. I discovered one the other day that shows my portrait on the side. Woo!

    *runs off to see if her blog is looking presentable*

  5. I just went through and pruned my blog roll as well. We've had a lot of folks drop off…

    But it seems like I keep discovering new reads daily, thanks to folks mentioning great posts on twitter, so it all evens out.