Drood Focus is a ridiculously customizable mod, and I tried to take photos of just about everything for you. However, if I included every inconsequential menu, this would be a wall of photos. So what I’m going to do is highlight the important features with photos and instructions within the text, and then provide links to the photos of the menus if there’s nothing I want to highlight. Hopefully that works for you!

Config Panel

The key to setting this up is to get into “configuration mode.”  And set up next to a target dummy.


Configure your DF to be only in combat, only in cat form, etc

Talent Tree

Assign a configuration to a talent tree.  It has a rather ominous warning for doing this, so I have not yet.

Features that are ZOMG AWESOME


You get 2 sets of timer bars.  In general, you’d want one set to track your abilities on the mob (bleeds, SR) and the other to track cooldowns (berserk, TF).

First, the menu!

I would definitely recommend SORTING BY TIME LEFT!  It puts the next thing you need to do on top!

Proportional bars are a different story.  I would recommend unchecking this box.  Proportional bars means that the total length of the bar will be based on how long the dot was when applied.  So, Faerie fire would be half a bar at 2.5 mins, and mangle would be half a bar at 6 seconds.  Even with bars sorted to the top by time, it’s confusing.

Proportional Bars

Not-Proportional bars

Additional notes

See that x1 or x3 on Rip above?  That tracks how many times rip has been refreshed for 2 seconds by shred (glyph).  Nifty, eh?

How do I get the abilities onto the bars?

You go to the spells menu.  Counterintuitive, right?

Here, I can customize the bars.  I can make Savage roar whatever color I want.  And assign it to a bar in the drop down menu.


Ok, when you’re configuring your cooldowns for Timer Bar 2, be sure to check the box under the drop down menu allowing a cooldown to show.

This will create a little “ticker” at the bottom of the bar that remains when the ability’s time has expired, showing the cooldown.


Here berserk is active and has 13 seconds left.  Barkskin and Tiger’s Fury are on cooldown.

Edit: Showing Your Stuff Versus Other People’s Stuff

Obviously, you want to show other people’s debuffs on the mob – but not all the time.   You WANT to show other people’s mangle (so you don’t have to do it).   But you DON’T WANT to show other people’s rip or rake.

Simply check or uncheck the “show yours debuff only” box as appropriate:


This is an alternative to tracking based on bars.  Ultimately I went with this method of tracking.

Sorting by time left is a no brainer!

Leave “Active Spell On Top” unchecked.  This allows an inactive spell to remain on top, reminding you “HEY DUMMY, REFRESH MANGLE.”  Otherwise mangle is shooed to the back.  This is why I prefer the icons to the bars.  With the bars, when something drops off, it’s gone, and you have to figure out which one it was.

Icons in Setup Mode

With all active:

Need to refresh

(See, again, there’s a marker on the rip icon, bottom right corner, that it’s been refreshed by the shred glyph.)

How do you config the spells?

Same as with the bars.  The Spell menu!

Click “create an icon for this spell”  TADA!!

Note how

  • there are multiple spell ID’s in mangle, to account for Trauma, Mangle-bear, and Mangle-cat
  • the “show yours debuff only” is unchecked so all forms of mangle applied by anyone will show up.

Alert  Icon

This tells you info such as that your target is dead, or that you are in the wrong position.

Config Mode

Idiot Cat, you’re not BEHIND your target!

Features that are nice

Power Bar

True, another mod could do this, but this display is PRETTY!

The tick marks are when you have enough power to do certain specials.


Again, combo points could be handled by any mod, but this one is particularly nice-looking

Combo Points in the middle of the screen

Combo Points Over Power Bar

/>Now, in order to get this to work, you have to make sure that the combo points have a higher priority number (not lower, higher) for frame level than the energy bar – so that the combo points COVER the energy bar, and not vice versa.

Cooldown Ending

This could be handled by a variety of mods, but I find the interface on this one user-friendly, and you can adjust how long the effect stays on your screen.

In config mode:

At the Dummy (Barkskin ending)

Omen of Clarity

A nice glow when you proc OOC.  Probably could be handled by POWA too.  I had a very similar effect going for POWA so I disabled this feature.

OOC in Droodfocus:

My POWA version

Features that are probably better handled by another mod

Portrait, Health Bar, Mana Bar, Target Bar, Cast Bar

Seems to me these can all be handled by your basic bar replacement mod (Pitbull, Shadowed Unit Frames, Xperl, Ag Unit Frames) and you don’t need a druid-specific mod for this.

Threat Bar

Admittedly, I’m a little clueless on what a “threat bar” does… but I’m thinking Omen is the king in this case.

Features I’d skip completely


I can see someone wanting these arrows on-screen telling them where the target went.  For me it’s just TMI.

Splatters Blood

You can have EXTRA blood when you crit.  Ick.  No.  Didn’t even try to photo this.


Random Crap like Arpen rating.  Why you need this on your screen is beyond me.


Extra growls?  I’ll pass.

Share Media,  Grid

The secret’s out.  I have no clue WTF these two do.  Sorry.

My Config

This keeps all the crap I need front and center, with the cooldown bars off to the side.  I opted not to use bars for my bleeds and to simply use icons.


Zomg Drood focus! Why did I not know of this awesomeness before? — 7 Comments

  1. That IS pretty nice. Am I correct in assuming that the mangle/trauma tracker can be set to look for abilities someone else has applied, while at the same time ignoring some other kitty's rake?

  2. If you look at the photo above for mangle


    It has multiple spell ID's listed (trauma. bear mangle etc) that will show.

    Above the circled "create icon for this spell" option, there's an option to "show yours debuffs only". Obviously, for mangle, faerie fire you would NOT want to show yours only, but you would want to show only your rake/rip. I'm pretty sure that would be in the default settings for rake/rip.

    Edit: I will add in a photo and explanation of that particular point when I have the opportunity to get the screenie for it (tonight?). It's a good point, one I did not think to highlight.

  3. That is a neat mod. Looks even better than BadKitty. If I hadn't disenchanted all my kitty gear in a fit of rage over not being able to grasp the rotation, I might have tried it out. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I've been looking for a good addon to help track these things on the rare occasion that I get to DPS.

  5. This is truly a nice addon. I wish I knew about this before I spend half an evening perfecting powerauras and icehud to get something similar.